The Jangosphere: Comic Vine Edition

After years of wanting to keep a blog ongoing more than 2 or 3 postings each time, I bring it to Comic Vine to give it another shot....thanks to my friend, Matt (aka Stormtrance1618). Back in the 80's I was heavy into Transformers and GI Joe comics and then in the 90's it was all Star Wars with the exception of The Batman Chronicles. Frankly, I never had time for comic book reading in my adult years, so in my attempts at returning to it I find that I'm way out of the loop. Thanks to modern cinema and the wave of Comic Book movies, I've been able to tap back into some of those nostalgic feelings I had when reading the books. My main interest is Batman since he was always my favorite "super" hero. With the launch of the New 52, I've been given a great opportunity to jump into fresh waters, but I can't find any of the books where I live. I'm also in search of a dependable website to buy from --- oh, and no Digital copies. I prefer good old fashioned paper.

I guess that's all for now. This was enough to unlock the achievement but I also hope it leads to more musings.


Posted by Renchamp has been my go-to when my local doesn't have something I want.