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The single greatest issue of any Teen Titans ever and one of the best single issues ever, Who is Donna Troy? -New teen TItans vol. 1 #38

Who is Donna Troy

It's simply an amazing story. It tells the history of Donna Troy and who she is, her first origin and reveal and it was perfect. It should have never been messed with after that. For her wedding present, Dick decides to find Donna's history and discovers her real family as she was kidnapped as a baby and her kidnappers were killed in a fire. Her real family survived. It's a beautiful and touching story.

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I really think all of Annihilation and Annihilation Conquest should be read to be honest. It gives you a better idea of why Peter Quill decided he NEEDED to form the Guardians.
It's too bad the movie chose to ignore the DnA run while trying to draw on it. The DnA run is perfection. Every character had a purpose and the comedy was just.. amazing. Mantis is the best character ever. That's why I refuse to support the basterdized movie or the Bendisized comic (where everyone sounds exactly like everyone else in every Bendis comic).

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Umm.. first of all, Pre-Crisis Wonder Woman was amazing. Marston's run on Wonder Woman is the single greatest run on Wonder Woman ever. She's defined, she has purpose, she has a life, she's more than just a superhero. It's the only time in Wonder Woman's history when she's had massive success in sales (over a million copies sold of each issue!), she had 2 on-goings when she STARED in (Sensation Comics and Wonder Woman, which was originally quarterly, but a full comic unlike Sensation where she was just the headliner in one of the anthology stories), and she was so popular she spawned her own comic strip. Marston's run is the most popular FOR A REASON. There is a reason why no other writer and no other attempt at Wonder Woman has ever been all that popular. He did her best, period. Perez's run was solid, but removing Diana Prince from her life and Steve Trevor and making her more violent (which lead to the current Azzarello run in all honesty) was a terrible idea. Diana became, because writers didn't know what to do with her, slowly more and more cut off from humanity and she became very remote, very distant. The writing was often lacking and her character was more judgmental virgin goddess than fleshed out, real character with any life experience to speak of.

As for 1920's WW, it is insanely stupid and that's why it's not actually happening. First of all, Diana has no connection to the 1920's at all. Second, the rumor is the 2nd movie will be set in 1942 during WWII and Justice League will bring her to the present, but.. Justice League is set to come out shortly after WW, there is no time for a sequel. Also there is really nothing happening in the world in 1920 to bring Wonder Woman off her island. No reason for her to leave at all.

Then you have the whole issue with her being in the present when she first appears in Dawn of Justice, so you have to explain why she's now alive in the 1920's in a movie set in the 1920s. It's a little more difficult to explain.

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If you've never read Wonder Woman before this current version, reading earlier versions, I think you'll be disappointed. She actually stared and was the complete focus of every story before Azzarello's run, not her Gods. She actually fought villains before too, not just her Gods and War (aka Ares aka Mars) was her enemy, not her father figure. Oh and she didn't believe in senseless murder. Her first reaction was never to pull a sword on someone and threaten them like it is these days. No magic bracelets that shot weapons, no she used to use that Golden Lasso to do more than tie up Superman (she's had no real boyfriend since pre-Crisis when she dated Steve Trevor). She wasn't constantly fooled or tricked, she actually was rather bright and intelligent. She wasn't a run-of-the-mill Demi-God, one of a billion, she was instead unique and made of clay.

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I'd try to make people more honest by connecting everyone similar to Greg Pak's Vision Machine or Serial Experiment Lain. I feel we are often too disconnected from each other and if everyone is connected psionicly, well the world could be a better place.

Oh and I'd also make bastards that prey on others feel all the pain, fear, and torment they force on others.

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Cassandra Cain is by far the best Batgirl because followed in the tradition of Batgirls. She was unique and not just another woman in a costume. Batgirl has ALWAYS had SOMETHING that set her aside from Batman up until Stephanie Brown that is. Barbara Gordon had her photographic memory, which made her uniquely adapted to be Batman's superior as a detective. Cassandra Cain was raised to be one of the greatest martial artists ever to exist, making her far superior to Batman as a fighter. Cassandra Cain is also the only Batgirl to actually have Batman's permission to be Batgirl (and no, the sudden retcon that Bruce ordered Cass to give up her mantle and Cass just obeyed like a lemming because we all know Cass has no mind or opinion of her own, she just follows Bruce's orders). Cassandra Cain is also special because unlike Barbara Gordon, who retired from the uniform and moved on with her life, Cass was FORCED to hand off her mantle to someone who had very recently gotten herself and others killed by her reckless behavior. Cass is special because she's amazing DESPITE editors and writers trying to destroy her, mostly because they didn't understand her. Instead, a blond with a crappy track record and a 10+ year history of not growing, learning, and a history of being TOLD she's not trained and she's going to get people killed, is suddenly replacing one of the most unique characters DC has?  Sorry, but that doesn't cut it. Cass should have her own series, she's proven it and while all the Stephanie Brown people lament that a character that was given a title and a mantle by editorial mandate leaves b/c one writer can finally write her like Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, well sorry, but now you know how it feels.