Top Ten Favorite Villains in Comics

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Posted by tomlikesfries

Great list. Never seen the Governor in any list before, and I'm kinda glad he's finally getting some appreciation :D

Posted by JamesKM716

@tomlikesfries: Oh he made for a wonderful villain. Especially for Rick, I just hope that Negan can become just as great a villain.

Posted by TheCannon

Awesome list of villains. I personally like Loki the most and Dr. Doom is in my top 3, but this is still an awesome list. Nice to see Vandal Savage and Hush get some love.

Posted by JamesKM716

@TheCannon: Thanks Man! Loki is certeinly in my Top Tenfavorite Marvel villains, I just don't know Marvel that well. And i feel like i've never seen Doom's potential enacted. Which is lame reasoning considering what all I said for Vandal Savage.