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Define "beaten"? Box office? Avengers already has. Public opinion? Avengers again (or at least a draw) Critical response..Avengers again, with another draw basically. (This coming from a guy that didn't like the Avengers that much, but it still is what it is.) Your opinion? Maybe not, but some folks I know wouldn't rank TDK in the top ten for comic movies, so opinions vary. The Oscar Award? Who knows? We can't sit here and say no other comic movie will ever win a best actor Oscar.

No you are wrong. At least on the critical response, IMDB has Dark Knight ranked at the 6th best movie ever, Avengers is number 158.

Public Opinion and box office, sure the Avengers has beaten Dark Knight; but critically? Based on how good the film is? no not at all.

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Superman, Batman and Spider-man.

Sales go up and down but these three are always at the top due to the fact they have achieved icon status. Don't think anyone else can be classed as a top 3 until that happens. At the end of the day these 3 are almost instantly recognizable.

I agree in theory. Say, twenty years from now, these 3 will still be very popular.

However I think in the year 2013, Iron Man is probably more popular than Either Spider-Man or Superman (not both, one or the other).

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@strider92: This. This is why I love you.

On topic, I want it to last about a year in total, I voted 10 months however because that's when Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out, and that's when I expect Peter to return; though I admit that Dan Slott has me doubting myself.

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Matt Kindt is supposed to be writing it right?

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Avengers is probably the better movie, and better executed, but not by much. Man of Steel has a few problems, but it was still fantastic.

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I loved this issue personally.

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@john_valentine: exactly what I meant, Thomas Wayne Jr. Can easily become a new iconic villain.

The problem with DotF, is Batman Incorporated invalidates it. The families all like we're going to not trust each other or like each other anymore. Then we see that they're all together fighting Leviathan. It ruins DotF's ending.

That's fair, but I think it's a tad too long for that. A simple 3 issue arc could I relate the origin but instead they're doing 11 issues...

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@jameskm716 said:

Court of Owls is a new classic.

Death of the Family is a fantastic focus on the relationship ebtween Batman and Joker, but not good for a monthly title.

Zero Year is meh.

New classic? Debatable. I find the entire premise of the Court so hard to fathom; that there was some organisation so secretive and clever that even the Batman wasn't aware of for so many years, especially with all the stuff that's happened to him in recents years (I'm looking at you Black Glove society). They only way I can reconcile this is that their existance is some ripple effect from Flashpoint. This annoyance aside, I did enjoy the arc! Oh, I also don't care for Harper row.

Death of the Family was so dreadfully marketed that it ended up being the one of the biggest disappointments from DC in recent years that I can recall.

Zero Year has had like two issues at present. Too early to judge.

Fair, I mostly say that because he introduced a new villain that wasn't awful; the Court of Owls, Talon and Thomas Wayne Jr. And also Personally I just really enjoyed it. Granted, I wasn't reading comics when they did Black Glove. I will say though, i agree, that Harper Row sucks.

That was really the problem with it. It wasn't a bad story, but they marketed it as a game changer, when it was really just a love letter to teh relationship between Batman and Joker. It's incredibly well written, but would have been much better as a non-New 52 graphic novel.

That's true. I'm jsut not a fan of going back and showing Batman's origin again. Not because I think it's poorly written, I've just seen his origin a dozen times.

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Are you asking that if Darren Arnofsky had made the Batman trilogy would he have enocuntered the same level of success as Nolan did making his trilogy.

Te answer is that Nolan was made popular because of The Dark Knight. Before Batman Begins, Nolan wasn't a super popular director. Batman Begins was a mild hit. The Prestige was as well. Nolan became a massive star because The Dark Knight was fantastic, adn because Heath Ledger died and his performance was legendary. Because Dark Knight was amazing, Nolan got all the credit (deservedly), and became a huge star. Inception again was a good movie, and along with Nolan's rising name it launched as one of the best new properties ever. Dark Kngiht Rises was sold as a Batman movie.

So basically, if another director had made his own Batman trilogy it really depends on whether or not it was any good. If David O Russel had made a fantastic first movie, the second would have been incredibly successful, even more so if the second movie was great too. The Third movie would surpass both of the others, even if it didn't succeed either of the first two of the trilogy. Perhaps mildly less because Inception wouldn't have been made and that movie helped Dark Knight Rises at the box office, but yeah, the second would have still made about a billion and the third would have certainly made a billion.

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@jm3d said:

Michael Fassbender