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Time Mani

Pre-52 Superman, Pre-52 Flash, Despero, The Sentry, Darkseid

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I wanna say that i think that Marvel basically sucks at killing and resurrecting characters. I mean at the end of Fear Itself, Thor and Bucky die, only to be brought back six months later. Almost the same with Human Torch as well.

You could argue DC did that with Batman, but they revealed he was alive at the end of Final Crisis, they didn't actually kill him. It was one of those, trick the reader things.

Anyway, for me it depends on the character. Hal Jordan for example, had a really epic come back story that completely reformed the Green Lantern franchise. I was totally okay with him coming back to life.

Thor did not. He died and then came back FAR too quickly.

I would love to see a storyline where Gwen Stacy or Ben Parker came back to life, mostly because its rarely been done. I want to know what kind of impact living Ben would have on Spider-Man. I also want to see Gwen and maybe MJ fight over Peter.

I don't want say.... the character who died in AvX 11 to come back soon. That would derail the point of their death. Now, if a situation arose where only that character could save the world, and the All New X-Men had to go bring him back to life? I'd be cool with that. but onl after at LEAST three years. hopefully more.

So end result, i'm okay with comic book resurrection as long as they stay dead for at least three years, and have a plausible reason/and execution for coming back.

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@AlteredBeast said:

If Grunt took on Noble 6 I'd think Grunt's biotic powers plus his shelds and krogan physiology, plus the war training he received in his dreams would give him a big enough advantage defeat Noble 6. While Urdnot's general 1v1 gun dualing experience wouldn't allow him to beat Master Chief, he would be able to last long enough receive an assist from Grunt or at least damage Chief to the point where he wouldn't have the obvious advantage.

Grunt doesn't have biotics...

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@Deranged Midget: Ah my mistake, sorry. I've only read Fall of Reach, and that was almost a year ago... haha

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I thought the Spartans had bones like steel? and steel would get shattered by Krogan slugs.

What blasts were stronger than the Krogan weapons (just curious here) and that is very true, didn't think of that.

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@CaioTrubat: Yeah it would make a LOT more sense. The only thign that wouldn't work though is that the Wookiees were one of the major species that rebelled. A group of jedi fled there and Vader hunted them down, so putting the shield base there isn't a good idea... but other than that it'd be EPIC

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But all they require is a single shot. One bullet hits John its likely to take down all of his shields and a huge part of his armor, if not shattering his bones too. Wrex and Grunt's shields should be able to withstand The Spartan's bullets, so couldn't the Krogan spray fire until they get a hit?

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@CaioTrubat said:

Return of the Jedi - replace the Ewoks with Wookies and Endor with Kashyyyk

You are very smart :)

(no sarcasm)

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@Deranged Midget: Ah perhaps i'm dis-remembering things.

On another note, this would be a closer battle than i originally thought. I think perhaps the Spartans could win. I mean, thinking about it. If they can get the drop on Grunt or Wrex both of which are incredibly possible due to the Augmentation process, then they coudl take a Krogan gun and use it against Wrex or Grunt. Hmm.

Tie? No, 6/10 Spartans winning moreoften

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Batman wins 9/10 on account of being a MUCH better hand to hand fighter. the only reason its not a stomp is do to Rorscach's unpredictability