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@Deranged Midget: Ah my mistake, sorry. I've only read Fall of Reach, and that was almost a year ago... haha

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I thought the Spartans had bones like steel? and steel would get shattered by Krogan slugs.

What blasts were stronger than the Krogan weapons (just curious here) and that is very true, didn't think of that.

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@CaioTrubat: Yeah it would make a LOT more sense. The only thign that wouldn't work though is that the Wookiees were one of the major species that rebelled. A group of jedi fled there and Vader hunted them down, so putting the shield base there isn't a good idea... but other than that it'd be EPIC

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But all they require is a single shot. One bullet hits John its likely to take down all of his shields and a huge part of his armor, if not shattering his bones too. Wrex and Grunt's shields should be able to withstand The Spartan's bullets, so couldn't the Krogan spray fire until they get a hit?

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@CaioTrubat said:

Return of the Jedi - replace the Ewoks with Wookies and Endor with Kashyyyk

You are very smart :)

(no sarcasm)

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@Deranged Midget: Ah perhaps i'm dis-remembering things.

On another note, this would be a closer battle than i originally thought. I think perhaps the Spartans could win. I mean, thinking about it. If they can get the drop on Grunt or Wrex both of which are incredibly possible due to the Augmentation process, then they coudl take a Krogan gun and use it against Wrex or Grunt. Hmm.

Tie? No, 6/10 Spartans winning moreoften

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Batman wins 9/10 on account of being a MUCH better hand to hand fighter. the only reason its not a stomp is do to Rorscach's unpredictability

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@Deranged Midget: On Haestorm he's unaffected by the sunlight overloading shields. Wouldn't that be because he didn't have shields?

If both have shields then i think Krogan would win 8/10. Simply becuase their guns are stronger, and shields can take more strikes

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I give this to the Spartans thanks to Chief's augmentation factor. His bones are steel like, and he has incredible speed, relfexis and strength. With the Mjolinr armor its increased even further to the point that everything seems to be moving slower. I believe that this speed advantage would allow Chief and Noble 6 to defeat the Krogan. Primarily because Grunt doesn't use shields. Chief can sprint up and take down Grunt with a shotgun shot to the back of the head. or Noble 6 could use his assissnation abilities to kill Grunt. Either way, Wrex would be vastly outclassed when it gets down to two on one. That said, i don't think that will happen everytime. But, Spartans win probably 6/10. Krogan: 4/10

goof fight OP :)

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@JamesKM716: I wouldn't say "few". Yes, majority are not (obviously), but quite a bit of people are. As for Khai, she isn't remotely on Anakin's level in absolutely any regard, so that feat is worthless.

No idea. 1-3/10, perhaps?

@ShootingNova said:

You said she, i figure that was a typo.