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1. Amazing Spider-Man 2

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past

3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

I'm excited for all of them though

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You said this:

I'm not sure I see contradictions per-se but I can see how that may confuse a newer SW fan. Thing that I agree with him with is the separate thing, yet "continue" the saga so long as it doesn't conflict with anything" part. See reason why I say the EU can't be mingled with the movie SWU is simple for things like not only Sidious but take even Vader. In the EU(much like fanmade vids) Vader has "lightning" which he never had in the mainstream canon movies or games.

I'm saying IF he has it's dumb because he doesn't, that's my point. No need to prove it it's obvious.

Your argument is that EU should be separate because it conflicts with the Films. Your evidence is that Vader has lightning. You never said "IF" he has it. You don't have evidence for your point, because writers don't let Vader use Force Lightning generally. The one example where he does use Force Lightning has clear reasoning for why he has it.

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@vaeternus: No what I'm saying is show me proof that he has used lightning outside of that time with the Kaiburr crystal. As far as I know there isn't.

You're saying he does in the EU. PROVE IT.

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@vaeternus: Vader almost never uses Lightning. The one time that he did was because he was using the Kaiburr Crystal which amplifies the Force abilities of Force-Users, allowing Vader to use Lightning without destroying himself. That's the only canon example that I know of.

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killian should be able to take this i think. 8-9/10.

Killian should be able to would Wolverine by melting away his skin. I mean even if he can survive that (probable) I think Killian would be able to take him down.

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I think Taskmaster would take this one.

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I feel like Black Adam should win this.

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It'd be great if they were linked. Say Apocalypse is defeated and the post credits teaser is his reincarnation; which could be shot to death by Fantomex in X-Force

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@themagicstik: I don't know the math of it; but here's the common example of Sidious' top speed.

Anakin Skywalker can see sublight movements when flying his starship in the Revenge of the Sith novelization.

Later, when Anakin comes across Mace Windu dueling Sidious, he only sees blurs.

So if a guy who can see sublight movements sees only blurs in a duel, how fast must Sidious and Windu be fight? I'll leave that to you.