My Top 5 Video Games of 2012

SPOILERS (I'm only saying it once)

5. Assassin's Creed III

Yeah, it wasn't the Greatest AC ever, but that's okay. While the story basically fizzled out due to the lack of a third act, the second act's climax was beauitul, and looking back, Haytham Kenway was not just an amazing villain, but a fantastic character. Connor was cool as well, but lacked a powerful motivation. However, the segment where he killed his best friend was touching and great. The game played quite well, despite it's simple nature.

Parkour and Combat were streamlined yet still fun. Stealth worked well, but only when the game wanted you to be stealthy. The graphics for the game were utterly beautiful. And finally, the Naval Combat and gameplay were completely beautiful and most of all, FUN!

In Short, AC did what AC does best: make an awesome environment with great gameplay.

Final Score: 9.25/10

4. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a fantastic game that is meant to be played, not analyzed or thought through. It's meant to give the player a adrenaline rush and keep on sending it through. It has interesting and cool characters, like Dennis, Willis and Sam. One of the best antagonists this generation of gaming in Vaas.

I admit that the game loses some steam further into the third act, but the finale was stunning, and the hallucination scenes were great. All around a great game to play.

Final Score: 9.25

3. Dishonored

Immersive world, interesting characters, beautiful graphics, awesome gameplay and a great story. I don't think i really need to see more.

Final Score: 9.5/10

2. Halo 4

Beautiful gameplay, beautiful environment, beautiful gameplay, beautiful characters, beautiful story, beautiful levels, beautiful multiplayer, just an all around beautiful game.

beautiful beautiful beautiful

Final Score: 9.75

1. Mass Effect 3

Yeah, the ending sucked terribly. But i thought every other part of the game was just about perfect. Sure, looking back it had some other flaws, but they we're comparatively miniscule.

Final Score: 10/10

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Posted by Xanni15

Good list, I've heard good things about all of these. :]

Posted by GhostofOnyx

Probably put borderlands 2 in dishonored's place. But over all great post. I hope I see more!

Posted by Deranged Midget

Wicked list mate! Glad to see ME3 so high up on the list!

Posted by JohnnyGat

Agree on ME3 I was one who was very vocal about the ending while still acknowledging how amazing the rest of it was. The last scene with Anderson, the last scene with Mordin, that scene with Grunt. I just bought Dishonored so I guess hopefully the praise you and a lot of my friends gave it would apply to my tastes.

Posted by King Saturn
Mass Effect 3 was Super Incredible... 
Posted by JamesKM716

@GhostofOnyx: Never played BL2, but if its just more of BL1, then i'm okay with that.

@Deranged Midget: Thanks man, i really feel ME3 is underrated.

@JohnnyGat: I especially loved the final sequence with the Illusive Man, played out exactly how i wanted it to.

@King Saturn: Agreed!

Posted by GhostofOnyx

@JamesKM716: Yeah the gameplay is basically the same but the story is much better and handsome jack could run as one of the best villains this year as well Vaas from far cry 3

Posted by Acura_Max

This is probably the most unique list I have seen this year. Most people would not have the guts to have ME3 and AC3 on the same list.

Posted by JamesKM716

@Acura_Max: Really, why?

@GhostofOnyx: Honestly though, the way BL plays, it's great fun if you're playing with friends, other wise? .... it's alirght.

Posted by GhostofOnyx

@JamesKM716: Agreed!

Posted by Acura_Max

@JamesKM716: I would say that they are afraid of being called hipsters or being flamed by the community. Recently, a staff member on Giantbomb got alot of flak for putting ME3 as his game of the year.

Posted by JamesKM716

@Acura_Max: I think that's real dumb. ME3's ending was terrible sure, btu that shouldn't discount for the rest of the game.

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Halo 4 should be Number 1. My opinion invalidates yours :P

Posted by Jean199999

Football Manager 2012




Gravity Rush

Posted by deadpoolrules

Agree with most of them,I would take Dishonored out of the list and add Borderlands 2,but its your list,which is really nice.

Posted by MonsterStomp

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Halo 4 should be Number 1. My opinion invalidates yours :P

I don't know if its different around the world, but Halo 4 got "Game of the Year" over here. Well deserved title really.

Posted by JamesKM716

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Eh, Halo played quite well, but it featured some stuff i just didn't like. And while it was a fantastic game as a whole, it just doesn't scream perfect, which ME3 did for me up until the ending.

But i can understand someone placing Halo 4 so hi.

Posted by TheCerealKillz

That's a great list man. While I have opinions on Mass Effect, I agree it's fantastic.

Posted by JamesKM716

@TheCerealKillz: Thanks man! and if i may ask, what are your opinions on Mass Effect?

Posted by TheCerealKillz


I felt disappointed by the games ending, but also that the DLC included such vital parts of the game. I mean, having a Prothean member on the team?! Or the giant reveal in Leviathan...

I dunno, I just felt mad at Bioware, more so EA, that they left off such great parts of the game.

However, the game itself is fantastic. Music, Characters, Missions, etc. Only other nitpick is how you pick up Side Missions.

Posted by JamesKM716

@TheCerealKillz: I was dissapointed by the ending, but i didn't mind too much the DLC parts that we're taken.

what exactly was the giant reveal in Leviathan?

Edited by TheCerealKillz


They were dominant before the Reapers, but they created The Catalyst, which thought they were a problem and turned against them, creating the first Reaper, which caused them to go into hiding.

Also, they can take down Reapers with ease.

Posted by JamesKM716

@TheCerealKillz: If they cna take down Reapers with ease then why did they go into hiding?

Posted by tomlikesfries

Nice list man. I just think Far Cry 3, Dishonored and AC 3 were better than Halo 4. But that's just my opinion :P Again, nice write-up

Posted by JamesKM716

@tomlikesfries: I mean, it's everyone's personal taste. Halo 4 didn't have any major flaws, but FC3 and AC3 both suffered from pacing issues in the third Act, (or in AC3's case, a lack of a third act) and Dishonored, while fantastic, is just missing a small little something. Not sure what.

But yeah, it's people's personal taste.

Posted by thespideyguy

I need an X-box.