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Is there a post or forum to submit new feature requests?
A couple of items that I've noticed are:
1. Create a "URL" field for publishers
2. Allow personal lists be sorted (and saved by person) as an image list (like the list of covers on each Volume page - just display the images horizontally & vertically in a grid format instead of only a vertical list).

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A new mini-event called Deadpool Corps featuring Lady Deadpool, Kid Deadpool, Dogpool, and Headpool (the zombie head from "Merc with a Mouth") is coming soon. That was announced at the Diamond's Retailer Summit on Monday.
Sounds interesting, but I think Deadpool is getting a bit diluted from all of his series. He currently has 3 (Deadpool, Merc with Mouth, and new Deadpool Team-Up). A fourth title (not counting appearances in upcoming X-Force, X-Men, Black Panther, etc.) might be a bit too much exposure.
Does Deadpool risk being even more over exposed?

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The first issue of Deadpool Team-Up (issue #900) is in the Deadpool volume instead of its own volume. The first issue is called "Deadpool", but issue #2 (which is #899, they count backwards) will be called Deadpool Team-Up. This #900 issue is like issue #0. Issue #899 will be issue #1 of the Deadpool Team-Up series.
Should issue #900 be listed along side the future #899, #898, etc. or should it stay in the other volume?

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Ah. Thanks for the update.

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1. What browser are you using? ( Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 6, etc. etc.)
Firefox 3

2. What Operating System are you using? ( Mac, Linux, Windows, etc, etc)
Windows 2000

3. What is the exact link to the page you are having a problem with? 
Wiki Submission History (Pending Wiki Submissions)

4. Details, details, details. Explain it in detail.
I submitted a request for a new volume since I couldn't find the volume. (first issue came out this morning). After I submitted it, I did eventually find the volume. (I dunno, maybe it was approved after I submitted my request.).
So I go to my pending submissions and click Delete link, but the page just redirects back to the same page and the submission isn't removed. 
Update: My submission had just been rejected (as expected).

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I'm also on the edge of maybe canceling my pull for this series. I'm going to give it an issue or so, just because I'm curious. I think that turning Frank into FranknCastle is just silly. I don't know how anyone would think this is a good idea for the Punisher character. I've been a Punisher fan for the last twenty years or so and I think this is probably the most outrageous idea yet, but I'm hoping that it's not as bad as we think it might be.
Also, just remember that Marvel is doing a month of "zombie covers" so these could be alternate covers (like the other "zombie" covers).

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I was a bit worried when I saw the commercials and trailers. After watching the first episode, I think it might be okay. I don't really see any particular member of the cast that really stands out as a cool character concept. I'm hoping that the series will keep in contact with the rest of the SGC every now and then. It really helped me when they had a few of the SG1 team make guest appearances. I'm still not completely sold on the "lost in space" pretense of the series, but I'll probably watch at least a few more episodes before coming to a final conclusion on it.

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This series starts up along the same timeframe as the Vector Prime novel (1999 by R.A. Salvatore) of the New Jedi Order series. They added a new character, but if you've read the NJO novels, then this will be very familiar.
The series starts at 25 ABY, so it's before Legacy comic books which started at 137 ABY. So this series is about 100 years before Legacy comic book series.

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