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What features would you want in a CB inventory management app?
If you were designing a comic book inventory management desktop application, what features would be on your feature list?
Let's just figure that all of the basic features are taken care of:
* Adding/Editing Publishers, Titles/Volumes, Issues, Characters, Creators, Story Arcs, etc. 
* View issue cover images
* Links between issues, characters, creators, groups/teams, story arcs,
* Basic search
What other features do you think would be nice to have?

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@Donovan Montgomery: The Comic Vine plug-in (not completely done yet) can be downloaded from the bitbucket (code) page at https://bitbucket.org/mabster/comicster/downloads . To use it, just copy it to <user>/Documents/Comicster and change your default catalog to Comic Vine under Tools menu. Then link your titles, then you can download issue, title, character, creator details and images from CV into your collection.
There's a couple more plug-ins there (IO.CMX to import v1 Comicster databases, CMX Merger to merge v1 Comicster databases, Searches.ComicAges adds more predefined searches, etc.) on that site.
Additionally, I have developed 2 plug-ins that can downloaded at http://www.jamesewelch.com/tag/comicster/
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Sorting doesn't work for me either.
returns the same as

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@Donovan Montgomery said:
@NiteFly said:
"That's really sweet.  I've been really wanting to write a comic inventory program for a while now.  A sweet comicvine API is just what I needed. "
Does this mean I can create a comic inventory program for my home PC and using my own collection from the API page?
Yes. I'd suggest looking into Comicster (Comicster.net). It's a comic inventory program for your PC that has a ComicVine data plug-in (in development).
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I just discovered this when looking at some old issues, but I was able to duplicate the problem on new issues as well. The release date validation scripts checks for numbers, but doesn't check for invalid dates.  It does block non-numbers and limits the max month to 12, max day to 31, but it doesn't check for 0s.
For example, you can enter 0/0/0 as a publish date, which isn't a problem until you query that via the CV API and expect a valid date, but you get 0/0/0 instead. (Yeah, client side validation of the data retrieved from CV should be done by the API consumer, but I think this is an easy fix for the editor form that probably should be fixed to prevent propagation of the invalid dates for future data entries.)
Is it possible to add in a catch to prevent years prior to the sixteenth or seventeenth century or whatever looks right and prevent "0" as a valid month, day, and year? I don't think we'll be adding any 2,000 year old comics to CV :)

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I'm a big X-fan, but for some reason I have no interest at all in watching this movie in the theaters. I might check it out via Netflix. I saw Thor and I'm going to see Cap Am movie, but this movie has just never piqued my interest.

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Wow. Thanks for the tip. I didn't know you could turn it off.
And yeah, the exact same thing as the OP was happening to me using Firefox, too.

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Some clues for the haters:
1. Big boss who loves watching TV
2. Not "Mr." Nice
3. Uncanny X-Force just fought a child incarnation of this villain