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I know what an ashcan issue is and it's historical/real purpose - before they became marketing tools. 
The indicia for #1 says "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 August 2011." The "SDCC Ashcan" words should be the issue number. It's the same format as the indica in the regular issue, just "SDCC Ashcan" is used instead of "#1" the rest of the format is the same.

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@pikahyper said:
I honestly see zero reason to merge the volumes.
Really? Why not? It's two issues from the same publisher, volume name, and year. The ashcan just happened to be released before #1, just like issue #0 or a preview issue and both #0s and preview issues are contained within other volumes on CV.
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I'm not saying that the comic issues should be merged. I'm only saying the 2 comics (ashcan and #1) should be in the same volume, since both are the same volume in name, year, publisher, creators, characters, stories, etc.

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I created and uploaded the IDW TMNT ashcan issue (free at SDCC 2011) here:
The volume name was later renamed from just TMNT (as the indicia says) to include 'ashcan' in the volume name. I don't know where that rename came from.
The TMNT #1 issue is now uploaded at:
The ashcan and #1 issue are the same thing - the same content and pages. The ashcan is just a issue #1 preview, only has half the story/page count as the #1 in an unfinished condition. I think the two issues should be in the same volume since it's the same comic's content. The volume name in the indices are the same thing, same creators, same pages, etc.
Any chance we can merge these volumes into 1 volume for ease of use/searching? 

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I'm hoping to compile a list of bugs and enhancement requests associated with Comic Vine API, so that it's easier for the CV admins to keep up with what we find out. The wiki has tons of staff and mods following and tracking bugs, but it feels like the API is neglected a bit.



URL of forum thread (if applicable)

Short Description


Sorting doesn't work


Adding a sort parameter doesn't change the search results order

Enhancement Requests

Issue Detail Workflow


Ability to fetch the details of an issue given a <volume title>, <issue number>

XML Encoding


Ability to specify the encoding of the XML response, or return data using UTF-16 to support diacritical marks

Story/Arc Issues in "story arc" return


Add a list of issues associated with story arcs in the XML response

Better Search Rankings


Should return search results in same way as CV wiki returns search results (by frequency count desc/popularity, etc.)

Add Ratings Field


Add rating field (0 to 5) for comic issues

Submitting new bugs or enhancements requests

To keep this thread short and the first post easy to browse, you should continue to create a new thread, but post a quick/short response here and I can update the thread.

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Thanks for the recommendation.
There's tons of more sci-fi comics out there. Orson Scott Card just started a new Ender's Games series. There's also tons of indy sci-fi stuff. I don't follow too many sci-fi comics, but I'm hoping to pick up a few trades once I figure out the good ones. I just came across Starborn, because of the hype and Stan Lee's involvement.

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Also, if a guy is threatening to stab you with a pen, then just back off... or you might get stabbed in the eye. Seeing your favorite comic book creator isn't worth losing an eye.

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I'm the same way. I'm not much of a tights and capes type of reader, but I do have some favs (X-Men, etc.). If you walk into a comic-book shop, just ask the clerk/owner that you're looking for non-cape books and they'll give you some good recommendations, too.
Here's some things to check out. I'd advise doing research first before you buy.
Ed Brubaker's Criminal series. He's released 2 or 3 short 4-5 issue series. Criminal 2006, Criminal 2008, and Criminal: The sinners (2010). This is a pulpy type of read. Something like Sin City. Kind of dirty, gritty, etc.
Cowboy Ninja Viking - series ended last year. Lasted about 12 issues, 2 volumes/tpb. Kind of funny, interesting, series consisting of a special ops team that all have multiple personalities. 
Punisher MAX - current ongoing series. This book has the Punisher and some bad guys from Marvel (like Kingpin and Bullseye), but they don't have powers, just normal people. Other Punisher MAX reads are also good. There's tons of lists out there, like the series by Ennis. Welcome Back, Frank.
You've probably already saw the V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Sin City movies, but there's comics for those too, as recommended above.
I'm also reading Starborn (Boom title). It's not tights and capes, it's more a sci-fi fantasy (like Star Wars). I'm really like it, probably because I like sci-fi > capes. 1st trade is coming out soon.

Brian Michael Bendis ongoing  Scarlet is also a great read. I'd highly recommend this, if you like street vigilantes set in modern day societies and cities (this story takes place in Portland).  1st trade just came out a month or two ago.
You can find trades for all of the titles listed above (PunisherMAX, Starborn, and Scarlet are current ongoing titles, but they'll have some trades out soon).

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Drink lots of water, it's pretty hot here now. (I live in San Diego).
Bring very comfortable shoes, maybe 2 sets :)
And a backpack or something to carry stuff in. The bags you get at Comic Con are big enough to stuff 2 or 3 people in and they are very hard to wear/carry through large crowds, especially since everyone else has a huge bag, too.
Our ground-level light rail is called a "trolley". However, it looks nothing like a San Fransisco trolley. Calling it a "train" or "subway" will get you lost or sent to the actual Amtrak station.  If you're taking the trolley, there are colored lines (blue line, green line, etc.). All of the cars are red, so if someone says take the blue trolley, they mean blue line trolley not blue colored trolley. (all cars are red, or will have big adverts pasted on them). This is the thing that confuses most visitors when asking for directions.
If you're an old movie fan, the "Top-Gun bar" is directly across the street from SDCC (also stands for San Diego Convention Center and SD Comic Con). It's the bar where Goose played the piano and they sung the song. It's pretty cool place and has good BBQ.
Taxi's don't stop on the curb. It's not like NYC here. All taxis have waiting locations where they'll wait for you. I've seen east coasters try to hail a cab from curb and it doesn't really work that way here. There's just not enough cabs, compared to NYC. You might get lucky, but most of the time cabs on the street will already have a passenger. It's easier to find the taxi queue and just get in line there.
You can try your luck with a pedi-cab (guy/girl on bike pulling a cart/chair behind them). Be careful, 2 or 3 years ago, some guy killed a passenger on July 4th because he was going too fast and into traffic, old lady fell out and got ran over. The vast majority of the drivers aren't familiar with the city (they come here for summer from overseas on school visas) or traffic laws. I'd never recommend anyone hoping into one of those things, unless you're young and drunk and wouldn't really feel any pain if you got ran over by a truck/car.
My boss/office is mostly from Boston area, so I've been back there a few times. If you have any questions, just drop me a PM or ask here.