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I don't know why everyone's thinking it's something new or good.

Why not just the obvious? 1313 = 1/3/2013

On Jan 3, 2013, Lucas Arts will probably release another box set of Star Wars. Maybe a remaster, digitally enhanced, 3D, with glitter sparkles added to Han Solo new edition box set.

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maxicere - Carnage/Jurassic Park

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There's lot of apps using the API. Hopefully, this gets resolved sooner than later. I typed up a list of API bugs and wish lists a while ago, but so far (AFAIK) none has been resolved or reviewed or commented on.

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@Overload17: Yep, read #16 a few days ago. Pretty good story arc so far.

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Besides the lack of organization and the long lines (seems to be common in CCs), how was the convention? I've just moved from San Diego, where I went to SDCC each year. Now I'm half way between Montreal, NYC, and Boston, and I'm trying to see which local comic cons are worth checking out. I was just up in Montreal a few weeks ago (it's closer than NYC or Boston for me now from VT).

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Earth Prime Comics

154 Church St

Burlington, VT 05401

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Nice work. I think your line work is improving at a great rate. I think this is one of my favs. The only critique is that I think spider-man's left leg (top of) goes a bit too far into his mid section. If it were a few millimeters shorter, I think it would look a little better. Overall, it's not that noticeable, but it feels to me that his leg goes all the way to his vertical/mid section instead of to his hip. Bottom/underneath of legs look fine. I really like it. Looking forward to seeing a few more drawings.

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@pikahyper said:
The guideline for adding new issues shows clearly that we go by the indicia, the only time we don't always follow it these days is if the title of a volume changes after only a couple of issues in which case we use the title that it was the longest, prime example being all the Ultimate Comics that actually had that as part of the indicia for the first issue or two and then dropped it in favor of the short form title.  Also it isn't about making things easy to find, it is about keeping things historically accurate as per the indicia
I think you are contradicting yourself in the same paragraph. You can't be historically accurate and deviate from the volume name as in your examples above for Ultimate Comics (and others). The reason why CV doesn't split the series into multiple volumes (like other sites - GCD, etc.) is for ease of use with being as accurate as possible. 
CV isn't a historical archive nor always factually accurate. A few months ago, there was a controversy with the Admins adding Captain America to every issue that Bucky was in (when Bucky was Cap), even if Steve Rogers wasn't in that issue, just so the characters would say Captain America to optimize the site for search engines. That led to confusion because it meant Steve Rogers was listed as being in that issue, but he wasn't just the mantle of Captain America, which lead to the Admins/Dev stepping in and deciding to create a new thing for mantles. CV is also not historically accurate due to wiki bugs (like not being able to select more than one creator role per creator) which led to thousands (if not more) creators losing credit for thousands (probably more) issues. I don't even know if that bug has been fixed yet or not, but it's been around for a really long time now.
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@pikahyper: So you're saying all issues that don't have a number following the title in the indica should be in separate volumes using the "title name + non-numeric issue number/name" as the volume name? I'm not sure that's how the majority of CV wiki works nor falls under the guidelines of making it easy to find issues within the wiki.