My days at San Diego Comic Con 2011

This was my 4th San Diego Comic Con in a row, but the first time that I had purchased a 4-day pass. The last few times, I had just bought 2 single day tickets. Last year when I purchased my tickets at the initial (1st) SDCC attempt at selling tickets, I was pretty excited, but as the convention drew closer, I lost quite a bit of my excitement. 
I was able to see most everything and spend a lot of time in the comic bins and booths. I tried not to spend my time standing in lines, but it is inevitable at SDCC. 
The first day, I got real lucky and found Rob Liefeld talking to a few friends before the Image booth got up and going. I was able to get him to sign a couple of comics and, as always, he was really nice about it. My personal belief is that 2 or 3 comics is the limit to ask anyone to sign, so I only brought my X-Force #1 (original 1991 series) and a Image United #0 - I was hoping to get more Image founders to sign it, but only ended up with Rob's signature on it.
Continuing around I picked up a few more comics and shirts and was able to met and talk with Chris Roberson ( Starborn and others). There wasn't much of a line there, so we were able to chat a bit about sci-fi stuff as he signed my Starborn #1 issue. I told him how much I'm enjoying the Starborn book and was able to ask a few questions. I didn't know he had written a few sci-fi novels until I looked up his web site. He recommended a few sci-fi novels by Cordwainer Smith (Nostrilia) and Alfred Bester (The Demolished Man and The Stars, My Destination). I'm definitely going to check out those novels once I finish the stack of other sci-fi novels in my still to-read stack.
Later, I stopped by Avatar's booth to get an autograph by Brian Pulido (Lady Death) and then found Billy Tucci to get his autograph on a Lady Death/Shi book.  I also got Garth Ennis's autograph for my Punisher: Welcome Back Frank HC and was talked into buying the Stitched DVD - got that signed too.
This year, I came a bit more prepared as I brought some comics to get signed rather than buy them at the con, but I will make a note that next time I need to buy a silver/gray sharpie. All of the creators had black sharpies, which makes it hard to autograph darker books (like Punisher). Chris Roberson was the only guy that I met that came prepared with multiple colored sharpies - I don't know if IDW provided them for him or not, but I'll be bringing one to my next con.

Overall,  I felt that the comic con this year wasn't as fun or exciting as before. Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't feel "nerdy" or "geeky" enough for me. I even skipped one day and didn't attend, just because I was bored of the con. This will probably be my last time going to SDCC (due to moving, but I'd probably still take next year off). I'm hoping to hit up some east coast cons next year and hope the comic related booths and events out weight the games, movies, television, and models/actors.
Stuff I purchased:

  • Hero Comics 2011 - Hero Initiative
  • Liberty Annual 2010 - CBLDF
  • Sin City: Hard Goodbye TPB, autographed Frank Miller via CBLDF booth (didn't see Frank Miller)
  • Warhammer 40k: Damination Crusade TPB - 3$
  • Kirby Krackle's latest CD
  • Stitched - film written and directed by Garth Ennis (autographed)
  • Captain American print by Billy Tucci (autographed)
  • CBLDF t-shirt ("I read banned comics")
Free Stuff
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles SDCC Ashcan
  • (DF cover) Millar's Nemesis, issue 3 - for giving blood
  • Millar's Nemesis, issue 1 - for giving blood
  • A bunch of free "Physics Comics" ( Spectra)
  • Image's Firsts: Elephant Man
  • Novel - Genesis of Shannara (Terry Brooks) 
  • Novel - Earth Strike: Star Carrier (Ian Douglas)
  • Novel - Sandman Slim (Richard Kadrey)
  • Novel - Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Outcast (Aaron Allston)
My Stuff Autographed
  • Image United #0, Rob Liefeld
  • X-Force #1, Rob Liefeld
  • Lady Death/Shi #0, Billy Tucci + Brian Pulido
  • Lady Death Premiere, Brian Pulido (free, 5000 ltd, 850 ltd)
  • Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank (HC) - Garth Ennis
  • Starborn #1, Chris Roberson
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