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Taskmaster is under rated even tho he's popular. Having the styles of every opponent is insane, but it's his counter skills that are unparrellel. If you know anything about boxing you will know that a counter punch is more effective then you can imagine. A counter punch forces the other fighter to, a lot of the times, run into your punch which make the hit that much more harder. It's how a lot of slower boxers beat stronger faster fighters in the ring, and it's done all the time. So if Tasky has locked onto DS reads, then he's done in the up close range. Saying Taskmaster would lose to DS because DS is super human is a weak argument as Tasky has beaten plenty of fighters that are super human.

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any want to start a pool on how long Wolverine is dead for????? I'm saying 9 months. TOPS!!!

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Id have to go with Tasky on this one. Deathstroke might be more intelligent, but not in the fighting game. I know quite a bit about fighting, and people just think Tasky mimics outright moves, but there's a sooooo much in the way of setting up an opponent to basically run into the other person fist. Deathstroke does this with his tactical brain, but I guarantee Tasky does it do. Throwing punches and kicks is just part of fighting, it's about feints and set ups. These are all fighting techniques, and even tho Deathstroke is great at this, Tasky is better. All else fails he just keeps throwing at Deathstroke in the form of finding that unblockable move. The only thing Deathstroke has going for him is his stamina because I don't care how many move Tasky has, he does not have super endurance in the way of a healing factor and will tire out. You have to tire him out before he guts you tho. I'm going with Taskmaster on this one, but Slade might win the popularity contest here. Taskmaster vs Deathstroke. great fight. I really want the Deathstroke vs Captain America, because I think they pretty much have the same physical powers.

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um............as much as we love Wolverine I think Batman is more popular then Wolverine

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I don't know if this is the Peter Parker that's back that we're used to, but I have a feeling he'll be back this year at some point because of a couple reasons. First off, Miles is going to be in Bendis X-Men books. If he stays there, who knows. 2nd. The name of the new book is called Miles Morales Spider-Man. What's wrong with just Ultimate Spider-Man? Why? Because Peter Parker is, and always be Spider-Man, so when he returns you can sure as hell bet he'll get the book that's out there called "Ultimate Spider-Man". Miles isn't going anywhere. I love him, you love him, we all love him. Still tho. It makes sense in those regards. As Soon as I saw Peter show up in last months issue, I was like "I knew it." There will be a tale leading up to why he's back, but come on. Norman is back, Peter will be too............then Harry.

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Im gonna go on a rant here. One of my very first purchases back in 88 or 89 was the Complete Frank Miller Batman, which had Year One, Santa Claus wanted dead or alive (one shot) and DKR. All in one hard cover black leather book that sold for $30. Someone stole it, and I'm furious, but anyway. I love them both. To this day I love them both. DKE tho, back then was just a master piece. It was written during the cold war, Ronny Raygun was just president, and people were still kreeped out by the idea of a nuclear war. The book itself meant a whole lot more back then. To also see Superman working for the government was a creep idea because of the cold war spy ideas and what not. Plus Batman was just crazier it seemed in the book. It was so much more adult oriented then anything out there other then Killing Joke, and Arkham Asylum. It had more meaning to the readers then, then it does now. I can see how it is, in it's own right, out dated. Still DKR is my all time favorite. I have some new favorites, but reading DKR was just creepy is so many ways. Somewhat like the very first Ultimate X-Men story by Mark Millar was modernizing the Mutant World and turning Magneto in a terrorist. Blowing up Parliament, sending videos of himself like Osama did from a cave. Just creepy when you consider it was written before 911. DKR was my vote only because of the response I felt when I read it. I wish they would have a put a "Tie" option because Im sure there are a lot of us who would have liked to put it down as such.

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WOW my top 3 are actual top 3. just not in the order I would put them. I'd have Uncanny X-Force at 1, Enemy of the State at 2 and Oldman Logan at 3. I figured Oldman would win tho. More people I think read it, even the the praise for Uncanny X-Force was pretty crazy. Oldman was getting a lot of high ratings too, but Uncanny was get legendary talk about it, and it's true. That run was perfect except for the last story, and it was more the art then the story itself that brought it down.

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Part one court of owls, part 2 night of owls.

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I already got DKR and Year One done pretty damn well too. Now I just need Killing Joke and Old Man Logan. Oh wait. That's Wolverine. SO WHAT!! I WANT OLD MAN LOGAN AND I WANT THE DC ANIMATORS TO DO IT. Marvel Animation pretty much just sucks.

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I could see him as a Black Adam really easily. He could do a Deathstroke or a Lobo to tho.