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of course he's back. He'll get his own book also. This one is titled Miles Morales. doesn't that indicate to you readers anything. If Peter is back, and he gets his own title, you can not have 2 titles named Ultimate Spider-man. So...........................Miles Morales USM. Just look at it.

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@vandersexxx: you haven't read Uncanny Avengers???? go get it right now. good stuff.

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I spy Green Goblin

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really. cyclops beats Wolverine but not Gambit. BS.

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Best thing about Hyperion is his name.

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never in a million years would I have thought the popularity voting would have went this way. except for Batman on top.

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Well I am not a fan of cosmic stories. Ive tried soooo many times because of the praise I see people giving them. For DC I did read the Sinestro War saga and the Black Lanterns story and it was a fun ride. As for Marvel I just could never get into it until Bendis jumped on GOTG. I love it. I think its a lot of fun and so far it seems like he's doing well with characters having their own personalities which he does well with everything he writes. It's a great book. I'm here for the staying

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No draws a fight better then JRJR. He makes the characters dance, and every punch and kick is in there. he's always done this. His violence is glorious.

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Taskmaster is under rated even tho he's popular. Having the styles of every opponent is insane, but it's his counter skills that are unparrellel. If you know anything about boxing you will know that a counter punch is more effective then you can imagine. A counter punch forces the other fighter to, a lot of the times, run into your punch which make the hit that much more harder. It's how a lot of slower boxers beat stronger faster fighters in the ring, and it's done all the time. So if Tasky has locked onto DS reads, then he's done in the up close range. Saying Taskmaster would lose to DS because DS is super human is a weak argument as Tasky has beaten plenty of fighters that are super human.

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any want to start a pool on how long Wolverine is dead for????? I'm saying 9 months. TOPS!!!