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I just read Issue 6, which surprisingly(or not so surprising if you are familiar with Bendis' work) is far better than the previous 5 issues. Anyway, Storm had a total of three count em' three lines in the entire issue. Two lines on one page, and the aforementioned page White Mage posted awhile back, with her saying Goddess.

All this before:

Before getting hit by the Ultron beams. I think she will be okay. It could have been something far worse. Such as:

Captain America getting his head lopped off, which I found hilariously random in a sick way..

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This was posted on CBR. I guess it's from Coipel's site/FB page. Dig the casual wear.

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Brain Wood failed Storm in the last X-men Arc before Marvel now... When he made her get punched in the face over and over again by that fast guy.... SMH

Somebody post a scan of that. I was pissed. She should have flash frooze that @$$. lol

Nope, that was Seth Peck.

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I bought issue 1 and decided not pick up issue 2. It had a very lackluster start. You can pretty much tell this was meant to be an event for last year, but they went with AVX instead. I checked the AOU thread on CBR and most people are ripping it to shreads. I think Storm is just there, not surprised look who's writing it. The most recent chapter has her playing Airline. She's flying the rest of the survivors to Savage land.

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Halle's preggo?

*hits up her fav gossip forum for some tea*

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Has anyone read UXF yet. I saw opinions ranging from somewhat decent to outright horrible. According to some, Storm came across as a bit OOC. Honestly, I'm not sure if I want to shell out four bucks for this issue. So I might just skip it, and pick it back up once the story's pace moves at a decent speed. Hopefully Humphries does just that, because people are already starting to drop, and you have to consider Wood's book coming out next month, which could potentially overshadow Humphries'. Especially, since Wood does a great job of writing both Storm and Psylocke.

Then again, I might change my mind, and buy it anyway. Decisions Decions.

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Hi everyone!! Hope all is well.... its been kinda slow news for Storm.. I am hoping to see the UXF previews soon. She was in the previews for the Uncanny Xmen but it appeared she would just have a background spot. Anywho til next time!!

That's why I didn't even mention Uncanny. I love the mohawk crossover, but she hasn't done anything noteworthy in Uncanny, or in ANXM...........kinda pisses me off, but whatevs

LOL I know. In the previews she's just standing there while Cyclops argues with Iceman and Wolverine. I bet you once the issue is release there won't be any change from the previews and continue to be pretty wallpaper. I will be somewhat surprise if she says more than four words or does something other than stand around. I sometimes wonder why Bendis even bothers.

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Storm appears in the Uncanny X-Men Previews.

I pretty sure she won't say a whole lot of nuthin' save for one or two OOC words, since this is Bendis writing.

Ah the days when Storm had no problem snatching Sighclops condom shaped wig.

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Hi everyone have not been on here in a while. SO! can somebody please tell what has been going on with Storm lately? Please?

Thank You.

Storm became headmistress of Wolverine's school.

She and Wolverine (who are dating) lead the X-men.

She have a mohawk now.

She is apart of uncanny X-force with Psylocke, Spiral, Puck, and Cluster.

She is also still the main character of standard X-men comics and is going to be leading an all-woman team consisting of: Herself, Psylocke, Rachel, Kitty, and Jubs.

She is also apparently going to be in Age of Ultron as well and X-men Days of Future Past.

Yeah, I just read on CBR that X-Men's debut has been pushed back until May. According to Wood, one of the people working on the book had someone close to them die. So wait until May. :(

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Storm is back in the movie and is being played by Halle Berry once again, along with the movie being directed by Bryan Singer.

Talk about bitter sweet.