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Rise of the Bug Boy 0

Instantly opening up the book you see Jaime Reyes clashing with Guy Gardner. It takes place right after Infinite Crisis and is the beginning of the newest Beetle. Throughout the comic, the sequence would remind me of the show LOST, in which is constantly changing between the time period of Jaime finding the scarab Khaji-Da and his current fight with the angered lantern. If you would want to start reading anything Blue Beetle 2006 and up this issue successfully serves as a great start and I'm sur...

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Stone by Day, Warriors by Night. 0

When I finally noticed that Slave Labor were publishing a continuation to Gargoyles my jaw just dropped. With out any spoilers, Gargoyles will simply brings back your childhood memories of when you used to watch the show. The comic brings back all our favorite characters, Goliath, Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, Hudson and Bronx just to name a few. More than enough references from the cartoon show and a great continuation to the story. Having Greg Weisman as the writer is perfect since he was the...

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