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Like they always said:  "no suit, no fly".  I'm sure they'll make it this big grandiose thing.  However, I lost interest by season 7.

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@Grim: I wasn't laughing.  I was grinning ear-to-ear.  Then I realized that it took 23 issues to say "yo, Swamp Thing is back".  However, now that I've gone back and thought about a lot of stuff that happened in Brightest Day, it isn't COMPLETELY out of left field...but it's not something worth 23 issues.  Hopefully, #24 will be a good finisher issue.
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Brightest Day #23 single-handedly made me schoolchild-giddy and pissed as hell.  I'm sorry, but why WHY WHY did we need 23 issues of a series for them to just bring that character back?  At the same time, I do appreciate how they have tied everything up - from the Black Lanterns to the forest in Star City to even the "evaporation" of characters in the book. Very cool how that all played out.  Biggest complaint, though?  Captain Boomerang showing up AFTER HE HASN'T BEEN IN THE ENTIRE SERIES...FOR ONE STUPID CONTRIVED PIECE THAT HAPPENED TO BE SOME PROPHECY!!!

*ugh*  I won't lie:  Brightest Day has been massively disappointing.  However, at least I'll get Swamp Thing back...right?  I mean, unless they kill him in the last damn issue...
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Nice interview, but I was sad that you didn't ask about Amory Wars and his work with Claudio Sanchez on all that stuff.

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@NightFang said:
" @Billy Batson: I think he did it because of Swamp Thing return in Brightest Day.
Yeah.  Gotta say that I didn't see that one coming.  Then again...it was completely out of left field...kind of.  Man...I still don't know what to think of it.
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Uncanny X-Force is the #1 book out from Marvel right now for me!  Remender's story arcs have felt like actual threats to the world, not just a couple of throwaway things here and there.  It feels like any of the things that the X-Force is fighting could potentially bring about massive chaos and destruction.  He's writing it incredibly well.  Even then, he doesn't miss the opportunities to progress characters.  The way he is writing Psylocke right now is phenomenal, and the integration of Deathlok right now is really cool.

Great interview.  Remender is one of the best talents at Marvel right now.
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After watching this video, I feel like I need to punch MYSELF in the face repeatedly.

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Man, still no love for Sherlock Holmes: Year One.  That series has been great so far, and it feels like issue #3 came out pretty quick after issue #2.  Also, INCOGNITO!!!  That last issue was a doozy! 
Last but not least, The Traveler has proven itself to be something a bit redeemable at this point.  The twist in issue #4 was kind of telegraphed, but there was definitely a lot of Waid coming out in that issue.  #5 just hit, and that issue is sizzling.

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Got some covers that need removing, as I've uploaded higher quality scans and images for them. 

More later when I get the images...
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Psyched for tomorrow.  I need to know what happens!