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@G-Man: Your shirt is EXCELLENT!

Your hat is EXCELLENT!

Hope you guys have fun! Can't wait for all the coverage!

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My very own Brad Shoemaker is NOT included? NO DEAL!

J/K. Also, I'm getting a lot of artifacting and other issues with the video. A freeze in the beginning, the Amazing Spider-Man clip keeps getting super pixelated, etc.

Nonetheless, I hate to say it...but I haven't been reading any comics. Actually, I think the last one that I picked up was...I can't even remember. It's all because of stupid damn Heroclix. I had to decide whether I wanted to keep buying comics or buy Heroclix, and the Heroclix won out. So...I can't say what I've been reading since I haven't been reading anything.

Also, Amazing Spider-Man looks super good. So excited about Andrew Garfield as Spidey. He fits the role very well, and they have Peter's humor in there as well.

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@FoxxFireArt said:

Firstly, I want to say how really happy I am for the Comic Vine Staff. It's always great to hear that things are gong well for them.

I'm also still confused about what this means for Anime Vice (as well as the other sites being split). I've been writing news, editorials, and reviews for Anime Vice for a while now. The community there is very involved in the site. I've been writing the Community Spotlight for AV exclusively for a while now, but I'm not sure who I should be submitting it to now.

This sadly seems like the splitting of what was the greater Whiskey Media Family.

Tested, Screened, and Anime Vice were all picked up by BermanBraun, and they are continuing to work closely with Shelby to extend those brands and make them noteworthy. Tested has already announced their partnership with the Mythbusters. I don't really know what Screened is going to be doing, especially since I don't think Rorie has said much at all since the announcement. As for Anime Vice, I'm curious what Tom is going to do, whether he's going over to the site or if they are absolving it into a different property or whatever.

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I can only hope that when the movie comes out, it does well enough to warrant someone making a Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark movie.

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Dammit. Now I have The Wallflowers cover of "Heroes" stuck in my head.


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@ReVamp said:

It is Dick. Best Dick/Batman story you'll read.

Just made me cry. Why I had to stop reading comics when my favorite character ever is Batman is beyond me. Sigh.

He was Batman for, like, two years or so. You should go back and check out Batman & Robin #1-16 (also collected in hardcovers) as well as The Black Mirror. They were both basically incredible (although, arguably, 3 of the Batman & Robin issues were crap...and that was the Blackest Knight stuff).

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I loved the movie when I was a kid...when I was young...when I was naive and hadn't seen any of the original comics...

Once I learned of the comics and read them, I ended up despising everything that the movie was: a watered-down mess that Joe Johnston used to launch his career. I know that studios were involved in the decisions as well, but I just...

It definitely made me form my opinions of Joe Johnston as well as newer opinions on the movie. I don't think I can watch this and see it the same way anymore.

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The trailer shows Cap fighting against someone that looks an awful lot like Thor, which makes me assume that he is fighting a Skrull. Beyond that, there's also all the destruction in the city. What is causing all of that? What it is, it has the ability to shoot laser beams. Skrull ships can do that, right?

Personally, I'm sure that the Skrulls are still in it.

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When did it become against the law to offend someone? Let people be offended. It's one man's thoughts, and yeah...there are probably a lot of other people that think the same thing. At the same time, there's a whole side that doesn't believe it at all and will look at this as just a story being told by a crazy man that wrote the line "I'm The God-Damned Batman!" as well as a series about naked chicks and burly doods in a hard-boiled noir setting.

I mean, I live in America, where we have the right to free speech. If someone in America wants to write a story about a radical Islamist that goes around killing American patriots, then be my guest. Sure, a lot of people will spit venom at the idea and it'll get a ton of biased coverage on FOX News, but again...this is America, where we have free speech.

It's okay for people to be offended by something that is said or done. Once it steps on the rights of another man, that's when it becomes a problem. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus: The hair isn't the problem necessarily. It's just the hair ON Henry Cavill doesn't work at all.