Holiday Update

Since no one reads these damn things anyways, I figure I won't bother attaching them to the forums.  Instead, I'll just use it as my own personal diary.  Anyways... 
Got a prize package from Archaia today due to winning a contest they had on Twitter (giving a review in under 140 characters of any Archaia book).  Not only did I net me a sweet Archaia shirt, but I also nabbed some new stuff to read...WHICH IS GOOD since I don't have a ton of money for anything personal right now.  Included were the following: 

 Hardcovers for Robotika, The Killer Volume One, Awakening; both issues of Titanium Rain, and The Devil's Handshake one-shot
I've really wanted to check out Awakening, although I didn't really dig the art from the previews I had seen.  Nonetheless, the story seemed interesting.  As for Robotika, I also wanted to check that out badly, as it gave off a very Aeon Flux kind of vibe to me.  I didn't really have any interest in Titanium Rain or The Devil's Handshake, but now that I've got them...I DO have an interest.  LOL  Meanwhile, receiving this package made me realize yet again how psyched I am about the release of Tumor in well as Mouse Guard Black Axe next year! 
In the meanwhile, I finally got to read Criminal: Bad Night, which means I'm all caught up and ready to dig into the two issues of The Sinners that are currently out.  I really wish Brubaker could get on a more solid release schedule for Criminal, but I also realize that the dood is pretty busy with Captain America Reborn.  That should be finishing up soon enough, though, and hopefully he'll be able to put some more focus on Criminal and Incognito after that.  Speaking of Incognito, I'm debating on whether I should pick up the TPB when it hits or just stick with the single issues I've got.  Opinions? 
Last but not least, I'm saddened to see that the initial release date of December that I had seen for the Kick-Ass trade has been pushed back to February.  *le sigh*  I swear that it feels like I'll never get to read that damn book.  The real question, though, is whether I get the paperback or the hardcover.  Is it good enough to warrant what will most likely be a $30+ price tag for Kick-Ass?  Is it really that good? 
Also, I'm curious about picking up Sweet Tooth.  They look say the least...but I haven't heard anyone actually say anything about them.  Is it any good so far?
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