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After going by Bankston's today (my local comic shop), I quickly realized something:  while I am finding myself getting back into comics...I'm going to need somewhere to put them all at this point.  Just between my previous collection of stuff that I still had and the new stuff I've gotten, I also quickly realized that I might need ANOTHER bookcase pretty soon.  LOL 
This week in "jakob187 catches up with everyone else as best as he can", I picked up the four issues of Grant Morrison's Batman & Robin as well as the Secret Invasion TPB. 

Moments like these feel so genuine in Morrison's Batman & Robin 
I gotta say that I'm really digging Batman & Robin, to the point that I'm ready for more issues to be out, like, yesterday.  I also now understand why people are saying that it's a shame to see Frank Quitely not doing the interior art on that series.  While I really liked Phillip Tan's art on issue #4, I don't feel like it does justice to the moments shared between Dick and Damian.  I really enjoy the way that Morrison has caught this underlying sadness in both of the characters:  Grayson as the one-time protege who now has to take up the mantle for his former mentor, and Damian as the "too tough to cry" kiddo.  Their exchanges are excellent, and it's nice to see Robin not being a little weenie for once!  I have to agree with the Comic Vine review:  Damian spouting the line "Whose neck to I break first?" after being captured by Pyg was PRICELESS, and for me, it really makes me feel like Robin is a must more important character than he ever felt like before.  Either way, the four issues alone were incredibly amusing, and I really want to go read Final Crisis and Battle for the Cowl just so I can kind of understand what exactly has happened through all of that in order to lead into this. 
This raises a question from me to the Comic Vine community:  I was about to pick up the All Star Batman and Robin TPB from Miller/Lee, but I have heard some not-so-flattering things about that.  Does it run along with this stuff, or is that a separate thing altogether?  Also...Batman important is that to read compared to Final Crisis and Battle for the Cowl? 
He just doesn't look right to me at all... 
Moving on...Secret Invasion.  So, last week, I finally read Civil War.  That was a mind-blower for me!  I really enjoyed Millar and McNiven's work on it would seem many many MANY others have also.  This week, I decided to pick up the Secret Invasion TPB to try and catch up with the Marvel Universe a bit more.  I have to say that while there were some great twists in that, and it really had me going, I couldn't get into it as much as I could with Civil War.  This was simply due to the fact that most of the artwork was cluttered to me, and to go beyond that, I didn't enjoy Yu's take on some characters - particularly Spider-Man.  While he is a good artist and has his own unique style, I found myself kind of sneering at images of Wolverine and Spider-Man and even at one point Captain America and thinking "that's just not right".  Now, the clutter of the panels is easily understandable to me:  huge ensemble cast of characters + massive Skrull invasion destroying stuff = clutter.  It's a simple formula.  However, it made me realize that I have a very specific form of panel-style that I like:  I need something that is very character-driven rather than action-driven.  The event means less to me than how the characters react to it.  There were a few moments that I really enjoyed in the book, especially after the Skrull invasion was done with and Thor had his words with Tony, but other than that, it felt like too little talk and too much action.  There wasn't enough of a balance for me.  It was still a good read, though, so I can't complain too much...and it's getting me closer and closer to being a bit more caught-up. 
Aside from that, I have to say that I was excited to hear that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young found its way to #9 on the NYT Best-sellers!!!  My HC should FINALLY be in sometime this week, and then next week, I should have Mouse Guard Fall 1152 in my hands.  I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about both of these coming in!  I keep looking up Skottie Young's artwork for the Wizard of Oz stuff and just drop my jaw at how well it fits with a 109-year-old story!
Last but not least, I was saddened to find out that Bankston's had all the Old Man Logan stuff EXCEPT issue #68, and it was on an indefinite back order.  Therefore, it looks like I'm going to have to wait for the TPB/HC to finally come out for that.  I was also sad to find out that issues #4 and 5 for Kick-Ass weren't available at the moment, but they have them on order and they should be in next week as well, so I should be picking up all the back issues for Kick-Ass next week along with Mouse Guard Fall 1152...if my money allows me to.  =  / 
Comics are expensive!!!  lol 
Until next time, piece!
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Posted by xerox_kitty

Nice round up!  The ever increasing amount I've bought since getting back into comics have been slowly stacking and reshuffling down the side of my bed.  Although I'm in the midst of reorganising my short-boxes (haven't even touched the long boxes yet... gulp!). 
Not keen on Batman & Robin, but I think that's mainly because I don't like Damian and I detest Frank Quietly's work.  But regardless of his aesthetics, I think he needs to pick up the pace.  It's sad that he and Grant Morrison work together on so many projects, yet Quitely can't be relied on to provide all the art and therefore you have the instability of changing artists every few issues.   
I'm looking forward to getting Mouse Guard Autumn, too!  Mouse Guard Winter has arrived, but I still need to get the first book... d'oh!

Posted by jakob187

Well, I picked up All-Star Superman today STRICTLY BECAUSE I enjoy Frank Quitely's work so much!  I re-read Batman & Robin last night at least three or four times because the artwork really took my breath away.  I think that if Bruce were still Batman, it wouldn't work so well.  With Dick and Damian, though, I think it worked really well.  Like I said, Philip Tan's work on the fourth issue is good, but I just don't like it as much as Quitely's.  Tan can't seem to capture that raw essence of emotion between Dick and Damian like Quitely can.  However, Tan's work is great when Red Hood and Scarlet come around.  There was a very eerie quality to Quitely's work with Red Hood and Scarlet, but...I don't know, something about Tan just doesn't fit yet.  However, I didn't really think much of Quitely's work at first when I read the first issue, but after re-reading them over and over, I've become incredibly comfortable with the art in the first three issues. 
Anyways, as I said, I picked up All Star Superman today...and I FINALLY bought Wanted.  Unfortunately, it's the movie edition...but I care about the stories, not about whether it's the original covers or this or that.  I'm less of a "collector" and more of a collector...looking for great stories that I can read time and time again. 
I also started reading Preacher last night, volumes 1 and 2.  My cousin borrowed them a long time ago from a friend of his, and then he let me borrow them.  Eventually, though, the dood he borrowed them from got out of comics and just told me to keep them.  I had never read them before, and they just sat around until now.  MAN, THAT IS SOME CRAZY STUFF!!!  Quite a page-turner.  I'm not too fond of Ennis' work (Welcome Back Frank seemed to be the only thing that I enjoyed by him), but, this is GOLDEN!!!  That book had me laughing out loud so many times, but I think that's STRICTLY because I'm from Texas and still live in Texas, so I could find a lot of the humor in some of the racist comments that are made as well as a lot of the Southern euphemisms.  UNFORTUNATELY... Bankston's has all of the volumes EXCEPT for the third one, which is the next one I need.  *le sigh*  The world of comics just has to be difficult for me. 
Man, I passed up the original six issues of Spiderman: Blue for All Star Superman.  Hope that isn't a mistake...

Posted by TheSavageAssasin
@jakob187 said:
  Man, I passed up the original six issues of Spiderman: Blue for All Star Superman.  Hope that isn't a mistake... "
It wasn't i picked up All Star Superman for the same reason you did and i loved it
Posted by jakob187
@TheSavageAssasin said:
" @jakob187 said:
  Man, I passed up the original six issues of Spiderman: Blue for All Star Superman.  Hope that isn't a mistake... "
It wasn't i picked up All Star Superman for the same reason you did and i loved it "
Yeah, read it earlier.  I don't typically like Superman stories, but I enjoyed this one.  It was quite different than most of the stories I've seen out of Superman.  However, it definitely felt like something that was just singular issues, not really a consistent story over the course of them.  Also, that whole "sun messing up the blood cells" thing...that just didn't feel like such a big thing to me outside of the Lois Lane story in there.