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Dear Marvel Studios,

If you're not gonna have JK Simmons reprise his role as J. Jonah, then don't bother with J. Jonah.

Love always,

- JakeN7

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Mystique -- I don't know anybody who really likes J. Laws Mystique. Rebecca Romijn Mystique may not have said much but at least she was awesome.

What? Who doesn't like Lawrence's Mystique?

And how is she not awesome?

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@sog7dc said:


"Literally" can be used informally to emphasize or express strong feeling. His use was fine.

No. It wasn't fine. It's because of usages just like his that we now have that second definition of literally. I refuse to acknowledge recent dictionary updates that only serve to further ruin the English language. Because now, thanks to him and others who use 'literally' as hyperbole, we don't have a word for the original meaning of literally. Because now literally can mean literally or figuratively. It's bull, and you're weird for pointing that out 7 months later, especially considering someone else had already done it back when I first made the comment (I'll refer you to the previous page), and all the pertinent information regarding the viewpoints on both sides of the issue had been made clear.


@sog7dc said:

Mass Effect; it's boring.

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@blazingnova: She never truly loved you, man. No one can compete with her cheese. It's the one thing that never lets her down, no matter how many times she stabs it.

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I'm throwing up in my mouth a little.

That's a compliment, btw.

Much love.

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I loved this run so much. I'm legitimately baffled at how Noto's art can be so goddamn good, and yet he did 20 unbroken issues all shipped on time.

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@xwraith: Yes. It's also the title of the season premiere.



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Heh. Dig the MTG mention.