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@guardiandevil83: Nah, I don't think anyone blames you for being upset. That sounds like that stuff may have happened recently, and you are still coping with it. We all have a lapse in empathy sometimes. There are points in my life where, if someone asked me "do you think anyone has it as bad as you?" I'd say no. Even though I KNOW that isn't true. We just need to be mindful of the fact that everyone goes through some form of hell on the journey that is life. Most of the people in this thread are actually admitting to being in a really good place, and that warms my heart. Am I in a good place? Gawd no, but it helps to know there are people out there who are. The other people that have admitted to not having such a great time seem to actually be genuine about that, and they deserve respect and support. Your comment wasn't directed at anyone, and like I said, it sounds like you're going through a bit of a rough patch yourself. No one has the right to be mad at you for what you said.

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@jonny_anonymous: Well the OP's so well written, that if you didn't know the saga of Mediocre and Saren you might take it seriously.

Your first clue should have been the fact that the boss fight with Sovereign/Saren was ridiculously easy, and he was a big chump though.

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@jokergeist: His portrayal was much more faithful to the source material, that's for sure.

OP: Kevin Spacey in Se7en was awesome. Kevin Spacey as Keyser Soze in The Usual Suspects is another one. Kevin Spacey as Hopper in A Bug's Life is always good for a nostalgia trip. Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor was one of the only redeeming qualities of Superman Returns. Kevin Spacey was by far the worst boss in Horrible Bosses. Kevin Spacey in 21 turned out to be more of a bad guy in the end...

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@supbatz: Oh yeah, that IS Starfire! Interesting. I've heard her voice plenty of other places as well.

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@frozen: It's NAWT just you. That picture's been passed around here for awhile, drawing the same comparisons.

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@theirishdoctor: Wookiepedia is usually reliable, but I don't know WHERE they pulled that quote from.

That's fine. Like I said, Cad Bane should only get the slight majority over everyone's favorite hippie Jedi.

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@jonny_anonymous: O_o

Like...legitimately? You must have not read through the comments...

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@jonny_anonymous: Which is weird because you'd think Unity would be the most fitting series for a maxi.

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@frozen: Yup, that pose has been used a lot in the New 52 lately. Red Hood and the Outlaws #17 cover, and during Damian's death as well.