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Parents: Beast and Polaris


Code Name: Dominion


Powers: Dominion's powers are somewhat complicated. He is effectively monarchy/royalty in two parallel universes from fighting his way to the top and from that has control over these two universes, but completely separately. He can create a portal in order to transport him and others into a universe where the human race is either made completely of various metals or a world where the human race never quite evolved past the 'ape' stage physically but because of that their brains evolved much, much faster. When Dominion steps foot through either one of these portals, he shapeshifts and gains different abilities and/or powers according to which universe it is that he enters. In the 'Metal Universe' he becomes a being of pure organic steel, although that is just his preferred state as he can become any metal he so chooses, this gives him greatly enhanced strength, durability and his needs for oxygen/food/water are all eliminated. Stepping foot into the 'Ape Universe' gives him the appearance of an orang-utan crossed with a human. This appearance also has enhanced strength, but nowhere near to the extent of his metal self, however in this form his mental abilities are greatly increased. His intellect is almost unmatched by any being that Dominion has ever encountered in any universe, as well as him having mild telepathic and telekinetic powers in this form

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Parents: Magma and Havok

Name: Dante Summers

Code Name: Conveyor Belt


Powers: Dante has the ability to create an endless stream of energy without feeling fatigue or overloading himself. His skin itself absorbs any and all radiation that may be around him, which he can then release as endless bursts of concussive force through his hands. His codename is akin to the fact that there is no limit to his absorption prospects and can continue to absorb and release energy for as long as he pleases

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@devilsgrin81: @thunderscream @papad1992 @crackerjack82

Parents: Sunspot and Tommy

Name: Tamara da Costa

Codename: Fractal


Powers: Much like her mother, Fractal has rainbow-like skin. When she enters direct sunlight, her skin begins to flourish, moving and bending in order to create a fractal like pattern. Each day is different, the same pattern is never repeated, and it has been known to change throughout the day according to her emotional state and sometimes even her direct surroundings. Although this power is not active, or in much truth overly useful, she hopes to be able to use her ability to help her fellow mutants as a form of art therapy

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Parents: Beautiful Dreamer and Pyro

Name: Elliott Allerdyce and Ellena Allerdyce

Code name: Smoke and Flicker


Powers: Elliot has the ability to release a toxic smoke-like substance from the pores of his body, after this smoke leaks out from him it can effect others in multiple different ways. When inhaled by anyone else, it at first makes them feel incredibly dizzy which will lead to them falling unconscious and after some time of constant exposure eventual death. However, he is able to effectively absorb his smoke back in through his pores which will reverse any and all effects up to the point of death. Flicker has the ability to make her fingertips incredibly hot, although she does have heat regulation and can make the heat of her fingertips range from a mere tingling/burning sensation if she were to touch someone up to being able to draw a hole with her fingers through solid steel

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@devilsgrin81: Thank you! :)

Parents: Iceman and Warbird

Name: Maddie Drake(named after his mother's name)

Code Name: Captain Cold

Appearance: Maddie has a feather like plumage running along the length of her arms

Powers can create ice hulks and is a master at karate:

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Parents: Gentle and Surge

Name: Reiko Abidemi

Codename: Breaking Point


Powers: She has the ability to subconsciously absorb electrical currents around her, and stored within the cells of the muscles of her body! She will continually absorb currents, and the electricity will only be expelled when she is to use her muscles. For example, unless she concentrates, her muscles will propel her forward at a fast pace when Reiko is merely trying to walk. To gain a serious amount of strength/speed though, Reiko must consciously absorb electrical currents, which could lead her to a breaking point, if this point is reached, her body automatically shuts down and goes into a state of hibernation in order to recover and effectively recharge. However, if she is able to absorb the right amount of electricity on a conscious level, her strength and speed are heightened to absolutely unbelievable levels!

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Moira! I've always thought that she's deserved a mutation in the 616 universe!