Characters who can control elements, including, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Weather, Metal, Electricity. And others :)

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Posted by Florkiss

cool list :)

Posted by jakeeboi
@Florkiss: Thankyou :)
Posted by shadow death

love this list most of these people are one of my favorite character

Posted by Billy Batson

you forgot some

Posted by jakeeboi
@Billy Batson: Well obviously I havent got them all. Who have I missed, and I shall add them?
Edited by Squares

Magneto does not control an element, and neither does Dazzler.

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@Squares: He controls metal, making him an elemental over it. And Dazzler absorbs and releases it as light, making her an elemental over sound/light.
Posted by Squares
@jakeeboi: Firstly, Magneto controls magnetic fields, hence his name. This is repeatedly displayed in comics in which he appears, but it's easily overlooked by many readers, as he has been out of the picture until just recently. 
Secondly, Dazzler transforms sound into light. She does not control or create light at all, but merely produces it. It's a very fine line.
Posted by jakeeboi
@Squares: But it is in effect controlling metal. By controlling magnetic fields and being limited to controlling magnetic fields, he is limited in metal and the electro magnetic spectrum etc. Still making him an elemental. 
And as for Dazzler. I class her as an elemental as she must have SOME form of control over the sound she absorbs to even transform it into light. Meaning even if she is not an elemental in the most usual of sense, she is still one. 
Even if you dont agree, this is my list, and they are staying on my list. So thanks for the advice.
Posted by Squares
Magnetism is not an element. Neither is sound. Dazzler is like a light bulb, except she takes in sound, not electricity. Ignoring someone when they try to correct you doesn't make you right, it makes your list inaccurate and poorly devised. 
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@Squares: I thought it was rude of me to keep you commenting on two different conversations 'sweetie', so kinda rude for you too as well, dont you think? Or are the rules different for you? If youre gonna throw out big words in a private message and be catty, then at least do it in public for everyone to see. As I sure a shell dont have a problem with doing it :D
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@jakeeboi: This is how you react to criticism? You must be fun at parties. 
Lighten the hell up, man. You're being beyond petty, and your vocabulary really needs expanding if my 'big words' were confusing you.
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@Squares: So because I apparently cant react to criticism, Im boring? LOL. 
Ive never heard such crap, and not to mention, Im the life of the party thankyou very much. And my vocabulary doesnt need to be expanded, as I speak five different languages, but your vocabulary needs to be dulled down to stop making you look so pretentious.
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@jakeeboi:  I merely meant that it would be difficult for you to hold a meaningful conversation with someone without getting angry, as you have displayed. And perhaps you need to familiarize yourself with the phrase 'jack of all trades, master of none'...?
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Awesome characters, Great list! =D

Posted by doomsilver

you gave me the thought to make a blog, are there such things as elemental mutants
Posted by doomsilver

did you put sandman