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@knighthood: *gasp*!

I love Jason Todd's alter ego as Red Hood and I love Tim Drake as Robin! However, I have to admit that he has been boring as of late, just playing into the typical Robin stereotype. And his turn to Red Robin definitely isn't as dramatic as Dick's transformation into Nightwing and Jason's into RedHood.

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In the New 52, I'd keep Barbara Gordon as Oracle.

In old cannon, I would keep Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. I also wouldn't have Damien be Robin...I like him and would like to keep him the universe, but he became Robin too soon.

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Morrison just loves tweaking characters to his crazy heights, so his take on Batman being a time-travelling, Dr. Who like god doesn't surprise me. I think Batman as a normal man at the peak of every level possible (physical ability, intelligence, wealth) is when he works best. This being said, I still think Batman can be incorporated into Justice League stories and things like that because he has basically achieved God status.

It's a fine line to walk....people like Snyder and Dini really strike the perfect balance in my opinion.

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I think any Bat-Family or Bat-Universe character is welcome. I enjoy Jason Todd lines a bit too much...

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What's the best line you've ever read in a Batman comic? This can be an internal monologue or actual dialogue, anything. I myself don't have an all-time favorite but I do love the line from Year One (after he has crashed the party about halfway through) "Ladies. Gentlemen. You have eaten well. You've eaten Gotham's wealth. It's spirit. Your feast is nearly over. From this moment on-none of you are safe."

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Sorry, been busy with some things, haven't been able to moderate this as much as I would like. What I mean is, due to fans reactions (which has been kinda split) should the story arc have been done? I don't mean if it was good or bad, but what I'm getting at is this: Was this groundshaking event in Batman's universe something good for Batman? Or has it pushed some away by its quirky plot, thus making it a mistake? Does that help?

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I meant Return of Bruce Wayne in the title. My bad.

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Has it been a mistake so far for DC? Or is it something that needs more time before it's decided by fans? I mean, I think after Batman Inc runs its course we'll really be able to say whether it was a successful venture for DC. But, as of right now, was the Return of Bruce Wayne a mistake?

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I agree on Stephanie. Cassandra Cain is a much better Batgirl...plus Steph just kind of annoys me. I don't see why everybody wants the Riddler dead?

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I wanna hear some people's idea before I announce mine, just to see if I wont be shunned for my thoughts.

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