The Fighting Skill of Female Avengers

Throughout the years we've seen many men pass through the Avengers ranks that we classify as world class fighters. Black Panther, Captain America, Bucky Barnes and many others are often the first that come to mind when it comes to this category.  
My question today is this: Which female member of the Avengers would you say bears the title of Femme Fatale? Obviously, ladies like the Black Widow, Mockingbird, She-Hulk and others have high end showings against quality opponents. All three of them have had training from the very best the Marvel U. has to offer.  
In your opinion, who among the ranks of the female Avengers is the most accomplished H2H fighter? Strength levels aren't important here because you can in fact have both. 
Any thoughts? 

Golden Age/Silver Age Flashback Art In Comics

One of my favorite things about the Agents of Atlas series was the artwork. Set in the modern day Marvel Universe, the AoA was one of my favorite series until it's untimely cancellation. I loved the characters, the stories and pretty much everything about them. My guiltiest pleasure? The flashback art work. The Agents were originally formed in the 1950s under the Atlas Comics banner. In the series, everytime they'd flashback to recall these times the art would also change. I just loved the fact that they went to such depths to portray this. I noticed Batman, Inc doing the same thing in issue #4 with the tales of the original Batwoman, Kathy Kane. 
What do you think? good, bad, could care less? 

Batman Inc #4


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Is X-23 The Most Deserving X-Woman For A Singles Title?

X-23 #4

Is Laura the most deserving female among the X-Ranks for her own solo title? Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of hers and I am really liking the new series with her and Gambit. Marjorie Liu has developed a great Wolverine/Jubilee relationship between the two and it gets better with every issue. Laura leaving Utopia is the best thing that could have happened to her at this point because the monthly title gives her a chance to grow as a character.  
But my question is this: Aren't there other X-Ladies that have the fan support to deserve their own singles title every month? You've got established favorites like Storm, Rogue, Psylocke and Emma Frost. Some of these ladies have had their own singles books in the past and I honestly feel they have the current fan support to sustain a monthly ongoing title.  
Viners, what do you think? Would you read a monthly book starring one of the ladies I mentioned? Would you rather see someone else?  

Thanks Again Marvel! (Chaos War/Hulk Family spoilers)

I'm at my LCS last night picking up my weekly stash of comics. I've been an avid follower of the Incredible Hulks book and flip open the comic to check out the summary page. There's a big tag line that says "YOU MUST READ CHAOS WAR #5 BEFORE BUYING THIS COMIC!!"  
What to do? What to do? I haven't been following it and with such a proclamation I felt compelled to buy it. Well, my LCS was out of it so I went to the other comic shop across the street. They still had a few copies so getting it wans't any problem at all. After that, I'm eager to get home and see what fate has befallen my favorite gamma powered family in this issue.  
Here's a major spoiler: 
Nothing happens to the Hulks! Absolutely nothing happens that I would have missed by saving myself another $3.99 and skipping Chaos War.
Thanks again Marvel!  
Up yours Quesada!  

Marvel Universe Trading Cards

So, I'm at my Mom's house and I'm digging through an old Trapper Keeper. I open it up and find a huge number of Marvel Universe 1993 trading cards. They're all still in great condition and in the baseball card sheets (9 per page). Anyone know what these things are worth? I've got quite a few of them and was just curious. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


The New Justice League of America

I've noticed that there seems to be quite a bit of hate going around regarding the new JLA and them being perceived as a weak team or inferior to other versions. Let's take a look at the roster and see how they shape up.  
Batman/Dick Grayson:  
He's led the JLA before and I loved him taking over Bruce's mantle for a time. He's also spent time with other major DC super groups. He's a natural leader who's learned from the very best and is personally one of my current favorites in the DCU.  
Grade A-  
Donna Troy:  
Long perceived as a Wonder Woman knockoff I think she's definitely destroyed that preconceived notion. She's been through her own share of heartaches and overcome her own roadblocks. She's beautiful, a skilled fighter and nearly has the experience that Dick Grayson does. IMHO she is one of the cornerstones of the new team. 
Grade B+ 
Jesse Chambers:  
The former Liberty Belle recently joined the team at Grayson's request. Filling the speedster role she's also been through her own share of problems and was great in Johns' JSA run. I think every JLA team needs a speedster and she is a fresh face for this roster. 
Grade B 
Another character thats often been perceived as a Superman knockoff but I disagree. Like Donna & Jesse she's also been through her share of family tragedies and only recently lost most of her fellow Kryptonians. Only in her mid teens she may be the most physically powerful of the JLA and seems to be filling the sizable void of her cousin quite nicely. Her dynamic with Jesse in issue #50 was nicely done and I could foresee Jesse taking her under her wing like she did with Damage in the JSA series. 
Grade B+ 
The daughter of Alan Scott and to be honest a character I know little about. Recently returned from the dead she seems to follow the other females histories and also be a victim of personal tragedy. her powerset is extremely impressive and follows in the foot steps of previous Lantern characters such as John Stewart, Kyle Rayner (her former boyfriend) and Hal Jordan. Due to a lack of knowledge of her I am giving her an incomplete. 
Grade: C+ due to lack of overall knowledge on her   
Congorilla & Starman: 
To be honest I know nothing about these 2 guys except for their stint in Cry for Justice. Along with the rest of the team they both also seem to have been vicitms of great tragedies. (I'm sensing a theme here!) But tragedy can often bring people together for the greater good. 
Grade: C+ 
All in all I really enjoy the new team and the fresh faces in its lineup. I love the idea of Grayson leading the team and the team's overall power level is on par with other versions of the JLA.  
Grade: B+ for what's been a super fun book so far. 

Has DC Turned Superman Into A Second Rate Character?

2010 was a great year for DC Comics. Was it a great year for Superman?  
Personally, I don't think so. In fact outside of the New Krypton arc what exactly did Superman do of note in 2010? I know he's currently walking across America in his ongoing title but I don't think that's a fitting story for the most iconic DC character of all time. With all of the Batman titles, Green Lantern titles and several upcoming Flash stories has the Man of Steel been turned into a second rate character?  
I'm afraid that he has. Even one of his former titles Action Comics has been turned over to his arch enemy Lex Luthor. This after it spent much of the year focusing on two Kryptonians Nightwing & Flamebird who aren't even around anymore. Even his own title Superman was turned over to Mon-El, a Daxamite who like Nightwing and Flamebird isn't currently in the DCU. There's even a new Justice League that apparently didn't have a spot for him.
I expected Superman to return to his former status as DC's #1 hero after the death(again) of many of his fellow Kryptonians. With a new DCU full of so many Bat-titles, Green Lantern titles and upcoming Flash crossovers I'm hoping the Man of Tomorrow can return to his former glory.

The Top 10 Things I've Learned From Comicvine This Year

I joined in February but didn't start posting until a few months later. There are some cool, fun people on this site and they know who they are.

10. Some people are just smart ass jerks, plain and simple. I learned to avoid them.
9. Some people are going to be unhappy all the time. If you listen to them there's never been a decent comic book and everything about (random comic company/writer/character) sucked, currently suck or is going to suck. I learned to avoid these people too.  
8. Trolls will be trolls. There's nothing you can do to prevent it. They're like cockroaches in a nuclear war. They'll never be extinct.
7. Some people can't and more importantly WON'T listen to reason. Again, I've learned to avoid them. 

6. Certain characters in battle threads should be avoided at all costs. Seriously, most of these battles are just begging for someone to comment so they can flame the person that disagrees with them.  
5. I've learned to accept fanboyism and fangirlism. They're not going to change. Accept it and move on. 
4. The "What's Going Through Your Mind Thread" is the funniest stuff ever.
3. Batman can and will defeat anyone with prep.
2. Every version of the Hulk, Thor, Superman and Juggernaut has been used in a battle thread. Hopefully, 2011 will have some new versions of these characters created by DC & Marvel to keep the batte forums going strong. <Sarcasm>
1. Thanks to megaboom I now know everything that Zatanna and Wonder Women are capable of doing with their hair and their cleavage. 
Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year and a great 2011! 


In Defense Of Matt Fraction's Latest X-Men Story Arc Quarantine

I come to you today fellow Viners to defend one Matt Fraction. Universally praised for his work on Iron Man and universally panned for his work on the Uncanny X-Men, I want to state a case that his newest work on the Uncanny X-Men comic is indeed praiseworthy.  
The biggest complaint I've seen against Fraction is that he focuses too much on Cyclops and Emma Frost, leaving the other characters in limbo. His latest story arc "Quarantine" (it begins here) not only delivers the saga of Cyclops & Emma but *GASP* there are other mutants involved as well! Angel, Pixie, Northstar, Dazzler, Storm, Fantomex & Kitty Pryde all get quality face time.  
There are 3 main story lines going on in Quarantine. The main story is an outbreak of a virus that only seems to be affecting mutants so far. The mightiest of the x-Men on Utopia have all been affected, especially mutants with mutations that affect their entire body. Even the mighty Namor and Wolverine have been humbled and bed ridden by this virus. Due to these circumstances a quarantine has been placed with no mutants allowed in or out.  
The 2nd story line involves Lobe of the Sublime corporation and the Collective Man. Lobe has used drugs to give 5 humans the powers of the original X-Men. Using them in publicity stunts, they are seeking to capitalize on their newfound powers and become the darlings of the San Francisco media. This will bring them into conflict with the Collective Man who has been acquiring a power base by killing criminals in the city. A team of X-Men not on Utopia have become the by default field team of x-Men and are investigating this new team of Sublime's experiments. This X-team includes Angel, Northstar, Pixie, Dazzler & Storm. 
Finally this brings us to the saga of Emma Frost & Sebastian Shaw. Emma used her mental powers to make Namor believe she had killed Shaw and the fact that he still lives will make Namor an enemy of the X-Men. She has enlisted Fantomex to help her kidnap Shaw from the prison under Utopia and plans on eliminating him. However, Kitty Pryde is in solid disagreement with these tactics and is along for the ride to make sure nothing of the sort happens.  
All in all, the story arc so far has been rock solid and I am enjoying it. 
Edit: Thanks to the lovely Xerox Kitty's keen eye, she also pointed out that Kieron Gillen is now co-writing this with Fraction. Perhaps, thats why I've enjoyed it.