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I think the problem here is that too many people are familiar with the animated version of Raven, and not her original comic book characterisation. Up until now the animated Raven was the only Raven audiences outside the comics had really seen. There's a level of disconnect that's very jarring.

Personally, I don't have a problem with Injustice's version of Raven. It's spot-on character-wise as she has fallen to her base demonic impulses. The disconcerting voice is a clever move in my opinion; when I first heard it, I knew immediately that something wasn't quite right, and really set a creepy tone for the fight against Catwoman.

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I like this version of Raven. Getting used to the voice though. She's older and it seems she has embraced Trigon, given her callous choice of words and her moveset is quite sadistic if you think about it. I'm pretty sure the good Raven would never use 90% of the moves this Raven uses.

My guess is that Tara Strong might still voice Raven, but in the time before the crap hit the fan. Raven isn't a comic book character known for fighting offensively unless she's in demon mode. She does fight when she's good, but my impression is that she prefers more peaceful methods because excessive violence and high-strung emotion are what feeds her more base instincts.

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Not sure yet about those nasty claws she has, but other than that she looks pretty good to me. I think the monstrous appearance she sported was there to make Mirror Master shit bricks, but most of the time she looks human. Wouldn't suprise me if in the game she uses it as intimidation; to me Raven has always been someone who would be right at home in a horror story. Hell, her life IS a horror story, only the monster she fights on a regular basis is herself.

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...No wait, I've cleared my eyes out. That's Black Adam. ...the f*

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Pretty sure that the guy in the black cape is still Captain Marvel, but as a lackey for the dictatorship. The new guy with the gold and blue costume looks more like Dr Fate. In fact, I'm certain he's Dr. Fate!

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You know how the developers say there'll be a reason why people like Green Arrow can take on heavyweights like Superman and not get turned into pate? Just watch the fights closely, and you'll see that each character has some kind of blue/purple/black energy that manifests whenever they attack. And right there is also another hint that Raven might be in the game; that energy looks a lot like what her powers are like.

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I'm not sure about this. For starters, what will happen to Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown? What will become of the Oracle? Assuming there'll even be an Oracle? And isn't all this a step backward for Barbara? I mean, life isn't about returning to the past, but progressing constantly from it, changing constantly. She's become a symbol of empowerment not just for women, but the disabled as well. You can't just throw all of that away, her development from Batgirl into Oracle and beyond has taken nearly 30 years, an entire generation. 
I can understand DC's desire to entice more readers (with the Green Lantern film coming out in a few days) and making the DCU a more accessible place for newcomers is praiseworthy, but I feel that simplifying the story, not just of Batgirl, but of every character and team, is cheap and wrong. And at this time, the Batman mythos as a whole has never been stronger or more interesting. Why fix something that is clearly not broken?
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Africa: Get your filthy claws off of me, you damn, dirty apes! Oh, and Libya is underwater, so Gaddafi problem solved.


Europe: Sigh. Can you go five minutes without starting another World War? FOR FIVE MINUTES????!!!!!!


North America: Yawn. Secret projects, air bases, nuclear caches, time anomalies and zombies. So, business as usual. Of course, this is all in the USA, which is all that North America comprises.


South America: Again, not a suprise. Might as well call it Naziland with all the retired Auschwitz butchers there spending their last days chilling on a ranch and in the money.


Australia/New Zealand: Australia must have lost its balls in this universe. Kiwis are as insignificant as ever.


Asia: It appears Red Star's base is the only part of Russia not in the crapper, Japan has a more suitable protector than Astro Boy (seriously kid, put on a shirt and what the hell is with the enema refuels?!), China decides that the Great Dozen is better than the Great Ten, The Secret Seven are hiding out in a Tibetan monastery getting high from the lack of oxygen and incense, India is controlled by the Outsider; who appears to have hi-jacked the caste system, and the Middle East still has Black Adam.

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There goes another ethnic character. DC is on a roll. :(
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Just trying to finish a damn quest. I don't bother to read trash like this.