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Name: Anya Jaegerjaquez

Nicknames: Smart-ass little bitch; Lil Critter; Runyon's Young'un

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 308 lbs (variable)

Age: 17

Hair: Reddish

Eyes: Green

Discovered only recently, most likely from a genetic mutation, Anya’s body functions shifted, acting much differently than most people, often more like a cat than a person. In addition to that, she can, at will, morph her body and take on other traits characteristic to all kinds of cats, large and small, from growing a tail to ears exactly like a feline. While many of these physical traits are manipulable, there are those that cannot be controlled and are typical to her being.

Visual: Like a cat, Anya’s eyes are layered with a “third eyelid,” as described in layman’s terms. What this is actually is a clear nictitating membrane, which allows for protection and moistening of her eyes while maintaining visibility. She does not need to blink like most people do. Her eyes are more sensitive to light. Although she cannot see in total darkness as many believe, her eyes only require 1/6 the amount of light a human’s eyes need to see, placing her at a great advantage in the dark as opposed to others. She has a 200° binocular field of view as opposed to the 180° field of vision in normal people, and a much more accurate depth perception. However, her eyes are not without fault. What she sees at 20 feet away, a normal person sees at 200 feet away. Put simply, she is horribly nearsighted, with a visual acuity of 20/200, making her visual acuity only a tenth as good as normal. Also, due to the sensitivity of her eyes to light, she’s more easily blinded by flashes and other bright lights. Though not necessarily a weakness, she has not as many color-sensitive photoreceptors in her retinas, which affects her in a number of ways. What normal people see in rich colors, Anya’s eyes perceive more pastel-like. She perceives blue and yellow wavelengths best and has the most trouble with green and red. When tested for the colors, she was shown a green rosebush with red roses. Asked what she had seen, she said “a white bush with dark flowers.” Truthfully, she knows no other way to describe perception of red other than “dark.”

Auditory: Her ears are more sensitive, and are capable of hearing at higher and lower pitches, which humans and even dogs can’t hear. Normally, her ears are capable of picking up perfectly sounds over three miles away, triple that if straining. But she often has trouble discerning mangled messes of sounds and must also watch out for sensory overload. Because of this, large cities often present problems.

Olfactory: Likewise bolstered by her abnormal body, she can smell a scent across great distances, often even those decayed by time and environmental factors. But though her sense of smell is powerful, she’s not quite a tracker just yet. As with sound, she often has trouble distinguishing, and with getting overwhelmed by sensory overload. Like cats, she can activate a vomeronasal organ in her mouth for flehmening, facilitating pheromone transfer, and useful in examining scents left behind by others. Alternatively, she is capable of exuding her own pheromones, to induce emotions or a certain physiological response, and to mark territory.

Tactile/Kinesthetic: Acute sensors all over her body are able to detect the tiniest imperfections in surfaces, from miniature cracks to reading words on a page through feeling alone. More than reading, she can also detect the flow of air currents around people and objects in the environment around her, detection of minute shifts allowing her to trace location and movements. This allows her brain to create a 3D map of her surroundings, and aids in an unprecedented degree of precision in measurement and judging placement. This is helpful in climbing and balance, as well as combat, for judging body parts as well as outgoing and incoming projectiles, even before release. Even lacking proper training, she is able to easily maintain balance and grace on nearly any surface she has come into contact with, far beyond that of Olympic athletes and even many other superhumans (no ice, please). At the same time, she can perceive vibrations in solid surfaces and liquids, thus alerting her to dangers approaching from the ground or in the water.

Gustatory: Probably the least special thing about her, she tastes more intensely. This actually makes consumption harder, as foods and drinks may be perceived to extremes (too sweet, sour, bitter,etc).

Sixth Sense: Slightly different than the other senses. It usually manifests itself as a tingle up her spine and in her brain when danger is present or nearing. The intensity of the feeling may vary with differing levels of danger, bordering on excruciatingly painful at times, and it is possible to become overwhelmed, especially with multiple sources of danger at once, and since it isn’t always clear where the danger is coming from, combined with the fact that she can’t turn it off. In addition to danger, there are times where she may come into close proximity with supernatural forces, such as living mummies, werewolves, and allowing her to sense a presence, even if she can’t see it, like an invisible spirit.

Extensible and retractable claws on her fingers are capable of rending even thick animal hides and cutting deep into bones and pierce iron, though not enough to destroy steel. Her jaws are powerful enough to bite an arm or a leg off pretty easily, but she’s not overly fond of the taste of blood.

Enhanced Physiology: Increased muscle and overall bodily efficiency affords her superhuman physical characteristics: Strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, durability, agility and flexibility. She’s flexible enough to bend and twist her body well beyond normal limits due without stress to her modified physiology. Her strength places her somewhere in the class 20 range at normal (25 tons), and extending to her legs, allowing great leaping capabilities, and the possibility of breaking bones or even killing someone if exerting a full effort. In conjunction with this, and ensuring no bones are broken in regular exertion of physical effort, muscle and bone mass and endurance spiked in order to account for these, as well as other changes. Sometimes at will, Anya may increase or decrease muscle and bone density to an unknown degree, increasing in order to bolster defense in preparation of an incoming hit, or alternatively, decreasing to allow for easier breakage and tearing to potentially escape from a trap or other predicament. She is able to react faster and move more quickly than even peak human beings, possibly keeping running speeds upwards of 300 miles per hour on two legs for extended periods of time (though this doesn’t necessarily make injury from impact impossible), even faster on all fours, and even quicker combat speeds. Agility means moving from one motion to another near flawlessly, with the use of her balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance. Her kinesthetic sense also adds an extra level of awareness and ability to many of these areas, most namely reflex movements and agility.

Adrenaline Rush: Often triggered by reflex, in tandem with the sixth sense, or also by conscious activation of the adrenal glands. The effects include further boosts in strength, speed, and reflexes, and general perceptions of the world as well as allowing Anya to temporarily ignore her body’s natural limitations of stamina and the warnings sent by pain receptors. Most safely helpful in short bursts and with rest periods, if kept up for too long, she may become utterly exhausted afterwards, and the incoming shock of the pain and body’s limitations coming back so suddenly, all at once after being “put off” for a time. May also be followed by heart irregularities and breathing problems, pains, dizziness, fainting, and possibly death if used too extensively.

Pheromones: Although not proficient with control, Anya holds the ability to emit chemical pheromones from her body. They can be used to influence emotional state and sensory abilities, or otherwise weakening constitution to induce altered mental states in others and herself. As a feline marks territory, pheromones may be used to attract or repel, causing inherent pleasantness or causing displeasure, often subconsciously leaving a trail to be followed, or alternatively creating prohibited zones. Prolonged exposure, or even shortened exposure to certain more powerful grades may be used to induce unconsciousness.

Stealth: Still working on it, this skill needs some refining in order to be used to maximum effectiveness. Her physical capabilities, traits, and size allow her to get into areas others may not be able to, and she is surprisingly light on her feet, even for someone like her. All but silent when moving, she could be capable of moving right around a subject without detection, in the dark.

Accelerated Healing: Accelerates the healing process and reduces the amount of time taken to recover from cuts, bruises, and other injuries. This also grants a bit of resistance to toxins, but not total immunity. While faster than normal, it is not so extraordinary on its own when compared to others with accelerated healing. Cuts and minor wounds may heal pretty quickly, but more serious injuries and grievous wounds remain far more risky; it is by no means a miracle ability or grounds for immortality. It’s possible for Anya to consciously accelerate the healing process, and she could even grow back lost limbs, but to do so would require an intense effort and would be extremely taxing. It also seems to retard her aging, but to an unknown degree.