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You deserved it!

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Before I get to the question I will refresh your memory/inform those who never knew the actual story of the death of Jason Todd aka "A Death In The Family". 

Jason, disobeying direct orders from Batman, goes to a warehouse where he believes Joker is, and where his mother is, believing her to be in danger. His mother leaves the warehouse unharmed and approaches Jason. He talks to her, going to offer her help against the Joker, as Robin. His mother has Jason come with her inside the warehouse, telling him Joker is no longer inside. He follows her, but it turns out his mother had lied to him, and delivers him into the hands of the Joker. This is where the famous beating with the crowbar scene happens then, and then the building blows up (obviously without Joker inside), in fact as his last act he throws himself in front of the bomb hoping to shield his mother (after she had just betrayed him). And Batman fails to reach Jason in time to save him.

Over the years this has been said to be Jason's own fault by writers and editors, because Jason disobeyed Batman. Dennis O'Neil has even said that Jason "in a way, got what he was asking for."

So what do you all think? Was Jason's death his own fault?
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There definitely have been some iconic, funny or just plain awesome quotes from comics, what is your favorite quote?

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How many people have had friends or other people ask you stupid questions or comments about comics and comic character? 

I hear them all the time from friends. For example, several days ago my friend tried to tell me the "original" Flash (they were actually talking about the second Flash, Barry Allen) was named Willy. I tried to them otherwise, tell them his name is Barry, his nephew's name is Wally, but they would not listen.

Do you get this from friends, any good stories like this?
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I like Barry but Wally is my favorite, then Bart, then Barry

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@Outside_85: I had just left it in general discussion on accident and one of the moderators moved it here :(
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@JediXMan: But she has been able to do something similar before, but it was a combination of her powers and Joey's, as I mentioned originally
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@Icarusflies: That's how I was feeling about this

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Jericho's back! 

A brawl with the Justice League! 
Today on the Source, DC's blog, it was announced that a Titans annual would becoming out in July. The writer, Eric Wallace, promises that it will be "epic", and saying that it won't just be a "slugfest" but it also has emotional stakes for both sides. Also Osiris and Isis return to Kahndaq, and Jericho is back! From the looks of it we will finally get that battle with the Justice League they've been promising, and they say Deathstroke will go through some major changes.
Are you all excited? They promised epic, but I am not letting myself get my hopes up just yet.
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Is it possible that Ravager could ever develop other powers, the powers of her brother Jericho? Once she was able to do so, when seeing her father's future, she possessed someone's body in the future in order to see her father's future. Do you think that she could do this again, or make this part of her permanent powers?