Question: Missing in Action

Where has everyone gone? 

I have noticed that sometimes characters will be planned for something, or in the middle of something, and then *poof* they're gone. There's no explanation, just gone.We won't see them again for a year or more, so... where did they go?
 Kid Eternity was left like this for a year....
For example, Kid Eternity, okay, now he has been seen in Batgirl and then again in Teen Titans, but he was gone for quite sometime (about a year). And for those of you who don't know he was left, being kidnapped by the Calculator, but the Teen Titans don't even mention his disappearance. Then, about 1 year later, in Batgirl #12 it reveals the Calculator actually killed him... and it took to the most recent issue of Teen Titans (#92) for them to even think about it once again, when a robot of the Calculator shows Kid Eternity's death. He was last seen in Teen Titans in issue #74, 18 issues later the team finally finds out what happens to him, and he's dead.  
Jericho's last appearance 
That's just one example (and that one has been resolved), another example is Jericho, who is still MIA. He was last seen in the Teen Titans Blackest Night tie-in (#77-78), when he tells his dad (Deathstroke the Terminator) he will join his new team. Well Deathstroke's team (The Titans) first appeared in the one shot Titans: Villains For Hire which came out in June of last year, the following month the team was seen monthly in Titans (#24 to current) but Jericho is yet to be seen more then a year later. 
So my question is; do the publishers just completely forget about these characters and leave us fans to wonder what happened to them till they do remember about them and decide to throw them into some random comic?
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Was there a change in creative teams? Often new artists & new writers want to leave their stamp on something that they end up leaving a lot of plot threads dangling.

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@Jacquenette_Harper: Yeah, I was wondering about Jericho. I bought the first few issues of the Titans series JUST because I wanted to see what was up with Jericho. And promptly dropped it because that was a horrible series, but that's not really the point. 
I think the writers just were not communicating like they should have been.
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In the most recent issue of Titans Jericho is mentioned. Slade says that he gathered the team together in order to save his son. That is all that has been revealed so far. It is understandable that it took time to fully reveal this. When the book relaunched they needed time to introduce everyone. Also, Slade is generally a private person and would likely keep something like that to himself until it became necessary to reveal it.

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@Icarusflies: I did the same, I was reading Titans before Deathstroke's team, but then it got crappy with Deathstroke's team, which I as only reading it still because I thought I would get to see Jericho.... which I didn't. \ 
 Good to know, I will pick up that issue of Titans then... hopefully this means we will see him again! 
@xerox-kitty: That's what had happened in the Teen Titans thing, writers had changed, but not with Jericho
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I also would like to know what happened to Kid Eternity. I wanted to see Jericho join Deathstroke's team.
And X-Man. He's put into the Omega Machine by Osborn. Now we have the "Heroic Age" and no word from him. WHERE IS HE?!

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The whole thing with Kid Eternity was a plot that never got completed.  The Calculator was pushing him to summon Marvin over and over, extending the amount of time he was able to hold on.  The idea was so he could summon someone indefinately.  This happened at about the same time Eddie was killed. i imagine the story was meant to play out that KE would finally be able to summon someone permanently and by the end of it all, choose to bring back Eddie instead.  But new writers and a "dead is dead" policy got in the way, so the story was dropped until people started saying "what happened to that guy" so they gave us a lame conclusion to end the discussion.
As for Jericho, I kinda wish they had just let him end after Deathtrap.  I mean since they gave him the whole "voices in his head" having his eyes ripped out seemed like the best way to keep him from doing bad without a cop-out of him being instantly better.  I guess I wouldn't mind him being back as much, if they had given him a good reason for his eyes coming back, instead of them just growing back with no explanation.  I like the character, but he's just getting ruined in recent years.