Jason Todd.... responsible for his own death?

Writers and editors have said that Jason's death was his own fault. Part of Dennis O'Neil's explanation to killing of Jason was because "He didn't listen to Batman when Batman told him to wait.". Yep, that makes it Jason's fault, or so reasons O'Neil.

 This is going to hurt you a lot more than it does me
I will quickly refresh your memory/inform those who never knew the actual story of the death of Jason Todd in "A Death In The Family". Jason, disobeying direct orders from Batman, goes to a warehouse where he believes Joker is, and where his mother is, believing her to be in danger. His mother leaves the warehouse unharmed and approaches Jason. He talks to her, going to offer her help against the Joker, as Robin. His mother has Jason come with her inside the warehouse, telling him Joker is no longer inside. He follows her, but it turns out his mother had lied to him, and delivers him into the hands of the Joker. This is where the famous beating with the crowbar scene happens then, and then the building blows up (obviously without Joker inside), in fact his last act was throwing himself in front of the bomb, hoping to shield his mother. And Batman fails to reach Jason in time to save him.

Over the years this has been said to be Jason's own fault by writers and editors, because Jason disobeyed Batman. O'Neil has even said that Jason "in a way, got what he was asking for."  And though the actual decision of killing Jason was left to the fans (and supposedly one person said "yes" for Jason to die over and over, which is why Jason actually died), the writer on Batman at the time (Jim Starlin) had said "I wanted to kill off Robin as soon as I started writing Batman. The idea of taking a kid along to fight crime is ludicrous.", so actually it was pretty much part of the plan all along.
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Then Bruce's parents had it coming too. Being that rich in an alley. Morons!

Seriously though, that is pretty screwed up for some of the guys behind this story to have a stance like that. It's not like Jason's disobedience is even that notable. Sidekicks disobey. Along with being occasionally captured, that is listed in the job description for a sidekick. Dick, Roy and Wally were never really perfect soldiers Plus, Jason disobeyed for the sake of his mother here. It's kinda hard to blame the kid.
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@Blurred View: Actually Dick Grayson has said that "I made a career out of not doing anything I as told when I was Robin" (talking to Bruce, defending Damian), so yeah, the disobedient thing doesn't really work. I can't believe they take a stance like that, even when the writer had so obviously hated Robin, and wanted to get rid of him.