Hiro-Kala's Future

I, for one, actually like this character. What happened in The Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force #3? What's next for him? (Spoilers Please)

Posted by DEGRAAF

I dont remeber what happed to the enigma force but basically The planet he took control of captured Hiro-Kala when he used his oldstrong ability and merged him with his planet, restoring the planet and the world-mind or whatever it was flew back to where it came from. They left the possibility of Hiro of coming back but its highly unlikely. Basically the hulks tried to save him and redeem him but he stated he couldnt be redeemed and it was to late. The visions of his mother that he had during and after the War with Galactus were all just delussional visions he had that never really happened
Posted by nj06

I would love to see him again. I find him to be a great addition to the Hulk franchise, and I think that his backstory and powerset make him a unique Hulk villain.

Posted by atom895

he is actually my favorite hulk related character. i hope they do something interesting with him in the future. more original than skaar in terms of abilities. would make a good villain as well.