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Yes they were... sometimes I feel its when most comics hit their apex. Then the new century hit and it switched gears from captivating stories and fabulous artwork, to just churning out quick money-makers to the new generation that doesn't appreciate comics the way they once were. Bigger boobs, more blood and "Twilight's big now, sprinkle in some vampires."

I'm a touch biased though. Like I said, I'm a fan of 90's comics.

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I have to go with Jill Scott. Love the accent and, to me, that's how Storm should sound.

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@TheMess1428: If they play off the ending scene with him in Japan from origins, they might be doing his time with Mariko.

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@BewilderingBeing: Will I Am was John Wraith who was in the original Team X under the codename Kestrel; he was their extraction man who'd teleport them to and from missions. He pulled the look off well, though his acting was stiff in certain scenes.

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@yo_yo_fun: Deadpool displeasure aside, there were some scene that were just too campy and in the end the plot was actually a pointless one with a supply of character and actor cameos (as someone stated earlier).

I have my own small gripes that flick at the fanboy side of me, but, as far as the movie is concerned, there are some issues that many have legitimate issues with.

The claws in origins, in some scenes, are are all too obviously CG; in the bathroom scene, while he's examining his claws, you can actually pick up on some pixels. There are also some scenes where his arm is as stiff as a board when the CG claws Snikt or retract; again, making it painfully obvious they're CG.

The Ladder Scene... probably the biggest faux pas in the movie. I try not to let the laws of physics interrupt something that's fictional, but that was just painful to watch. Also, the Gambit side flip to the fire escape was another example of obvious wire work in movies. I'm not even gonna get into the plot problem of why he kept attacking Wolverine while Creed was right there; someone he was supposed to really really hate for locking him up.

Lastly (only because I don't wanna go on forever)... Adamantium bullets. Adamantium is supposed to be the strongest metal, thus far, of the Marvel Movie world... and yet it can still be pierced by something else made of adamantium? It sounds feasible, but try shooting a lead bullet at a lead replica of a skull and you simply get a ricochet (as a side note, stand behind protection before attempting). Now, pretend what I said about adamantium being unable to penetrate itself doesn't matter. Wolverine now has two holes in his skull (forever, since metal doesn't heal) and two bullets are stuck in his head... which make him forget??

Don't get me wrong. I love Wolverine and almost all the characters that help make up his deep history, but this movie was a quick, slap-dash, cut-corners action flick strung together with a very flimsy and at times pointless plot. As an action film, it did an okay job. As a Wolverine film, it is a slap in the face and a kick to the balls to die hard Wolverine fans.

This is just my opinion of course. I can watch the movie and enjoy it for what it really is, but as far as Marvel Dogma goes? It never should have been made.

Real quick: this is not an attack on you or anything... you like the movie and that's fine. The examples above (and I have many many more, sadly) are what hurt it from my point of view.