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Small Spoilers for Aztek: Herald of Death


Part 2: N/A

Part 3: first appearance of two lovers

Part 4: first appearance of the ever-sexy Lillith and Jak of Shadows

Part 5: new character and return of an old one

Part 6: first "onscreen" interaction between Aztek and his sister

Part 7: climactic battle to conclude Chapter 9

Chapter 10-Chapter 17: N/A

Chapter 18: my tribute to AR

Chapter 19-Chapter 32: N/A

PS: This blog will be updated constantly...

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My Absolute Favorite Comic Book Movie EVER!!!

You know, I admit, Iron Man had the humor and was enjoyable, but deep down inside I'm a much darker soul and The Dark Knight is the absolute best movie of the year in my opinion. The funniest thing to me is, they always make movies based off the comics I don't like, yet I always love the movies :D

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