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The inspiration for this account came from Aztek's original Vine bio in which he created seven clones when he manifested the power of duplication, however these clones were imperfect and escaped Aztek, being far more powerful than he. The last of these seven was none other than Jack, a man who seemingly had no powers, simply the power to kill without regret, this would lead to a rivalry between the two and over the course of the centuries they switched places as hero and villain, Jack having killed the serial killer of England and taken his name and then becoming a hero of legend while Aztek turned to the darkness. Of course Jack the Ripper was often seen as a "cameo member" of the great hero teams such as Zero Squad or the LEV but all he really desired was two things in this world, to fight at the side of Chelsea, and to kill Aztek once and for all, he accomplished neither before the "Recreation Wave" hit Aztek's accounts and now he has been reborn.