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If you read Generation Hope she is pretty much nothing but an arrogant brat. If you read AVX she is nothing but a whiny Deus Ex Machina. Honestly the best thing the can do is just kill her off as soon as possible. It is weird but it seems the jean greys (Read Head and powerful for no reason) of marvel are just crazy, annoying, or just useless

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Yeah this "Hail Cyclops" personality Kitty has going came kind of out of no where for me. When she found out that Cyclops and his gang of nutballs is living where Logan and several other mutants were tortured beyond believe and turned it into a school, I honestly thought she would be kind of appalled or at least disturbed about it. But no she's thinks it's awesome and everything. Even breaking up with Bobby did not make sense. If it turned out she was brainwashed or something i would not be surprised. And can i say just how much I FUCKING HATE Jean Grey.

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I would have preferred Jon Hamm.

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Gina Carano would be the best choice mainly cause she has that mix of beauty and brawn. I think she did great in Haywire. She did what she needed to do in the movie. Ryan Reynolds as the Flash and Idris Elba as John Stewart would be great. Bring in the Martian Manhunter. I don't think this Justice League movie will turn out well. With Avengers you had decisions being made that made sense, like getting a director who did Shakespeare direct Thor and also some that took risks.

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@metron144: For me it's because i grew up with the Justice League cartoon and always liked Batman and Wonder Woman Together. They have always hinted it but have never done it, which has always gotten me disappointed. Maybe it's the same for other people. I don't hate it, they just don't show the romance as much as i would like either.

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I hate Cyclops and most of the team he has. They are pretty despicable and I'm just waiting for them to all crash and burn