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I don't think kid friendly is the right word more like too jokey at times and I don't know why some people seem to be annoyed by this question. DC fans always have to hear about how DC movies are too dark or too depressing so it's only natural that there are people who think Marvel's are too lighthearted. The same people who think Marvel's movies have a perfect tone are the same one's complaining about DC's. If DC can be called too dark Marvel could definitely be called too light, it goes both ways guys. I don't have a problem with humor in superhero movies but not when it's too much. It shouldn't be to the point where it's more of a comedy than a action movie. Iron Man and TWS have the perfect tone imo enough humor in them without it being too much and taking tension away.

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Yeah this is a stomp in Nightwing's favor.

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@jack_donaghy: If you're saying that not every WB DC adaptation should dark and I'm saying that not every WB DC adaptation should be dark, why are we debating lol? It seems as though we agree on 90% of what the other said and are just quibbling over the 10%.

I will say, when comparing Bond films using the box office figures, you need to use figures adjusted for inflation because it's not fair to the older movies because the tickets didn't cost as much back then, hence the gross wasn't as much. Adjusted for inflation, Thunderball, Goldfinger grossed more. Minor quibble.

I agree on the Bond part though I read that adjusted for inflation Skyfall has made more money than every Bond movie except Thunderball.

And I want to show everyone this article I found on Forbes' website: http://www.forbes.com/sites/markhughes/2014/08/27/why-warner-doesnt-really-have-a-no-jokes-policy-for-superheroes/ the author says there isn't a "No jokes" policy. It's just that Dc wants their movies to have a more serious tone than Marvel's. Saying DC's movies have no humor is like saying Marvel's have no drama. Just because charcaters don't spit out one liners constantly doesn't mean there's no humor whatsoever.

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@jack_donaghy: Trust me when I say that the people who have a problem with "too much" humor in the Marvel movies are a slim minority in the vastness that is the casual audience, even critics I know who seem to hate comedies don't mind the comedic element in the marvel movies. I'm not saying that the opposing side is wrong, it's just pointing out that they're the minority.

Be sure to read my first comment carefully as I have no problem with serious tone in superhero films, but what is important in filming adaptations is to make sure that the tone fits the story and the characters. You should never twist your characters to fit the tone that you want to convey. That's all, and if WB decides across the board every single superhero adaptation in this new DCCU is going to be serious, that's going to be a problem because one size does not fit all.

And again a character like Superman is someone people always say can't work with a darker tone. MoS did over $600 million and very well on DVD even more than the lighter IM3. Again I'll use Bond as an example his movies are famous for their one liners, campy villains and OTT gadgets. Skyfall the highest grossing Bond ever was also probably the darkest Bond movie ever. The Harry Potter movies also got darker and bleaker as the series progressed and the last one was the highest grossing in the series. I'm not saying every single DC movie should be dark but I don't think you can say certain characters CAN'T work in a darker tone. I honestly think a talented writer can make a character work in any tone.

And again I don't even think MoS or the Nolan trilogy were as dark as people make them out to be.

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If they do it across the board and have every superhero movie in the same serious tone and bleak atmosphere of the Nolan Trilogy and MOS, then yes it is a mistake because not every superhero in the DCU is Batman. For example, do you guys really want to see a Shazam film that has the same feel as MOS because I know I don't.

Just keep in mind guys, at the end of the day, these are superheroes in costume fighting super villains who are also in costume.

By the way since, when is humor a bad thing?

I don't think anyone has a problem with humor it's TOO much humor people have a problem with. On the flip side I can ask you is there anything wrong with a movie with a serious tone? IMO it's not really about the tone more about the quality. Batman & Robin and Green Lantern were lighthearted and sucked. They didn't suck because they were lighthearted they just sucked. So it's not like a lighter more humorous tone automatically makes a movie good (same thing for a movie with a darker tone) I think people exaggerate how dark and bleak DC's movies have been they're not 12 Years a Slave or Passion of the Christ levels of dark. There is humor in them just not too much like Thor TDW or IM3 imo. You said these are superheroes in costumes fighting villains who are also in costume, so? Does that mean they have to be treated like camp or a comedy all the time? Isn't diversity good? It'd be boring if all superhero movies were the same.

It's like the James Bond movies they were mostly silly and comical but Craig's movies are dark and serious and have been hugely successful. I don't think things that have been traditionally lighthearted (superheroes, Bond) have to ALWAYS be lighthearted. And judging by the success of Man of Steel which btw is selling better than IM3 on DVD and Blue Ray I'd say DC is going in the right direction.

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People say Batman is overrated but this poll clearly proves at least here he sure isn't. So far the poll is at 71% no that's a huge percentage. If he was as overrated as people claim wouldn't yes be leading the poll by a huge margin instead? So I hope this ends the whole Batman is overrated myth.

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This is what Spidey thinks

Ask Batman how he does what he does.

No shock you just had to obsessively bring up Batman.

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@jack_donaghy: Doom knows magic, another thing Doom had Galactus technology and yes Doom is way smarter that Batman when it comes to science.

Remember that Batman isnt a character like Reed or Tony, look the fact that they send Hulk to space and it backfired, Batman would had notice this could happen, since Batman is smarter that them about this type of things.

There isnt a universal intelligence, like people had point Kord is smarter in some things that Batman and Luthor.

Another thing Doom didnt beat the Beyonder he take his powers, then Doom notice there was no way he could control this powers and it backfires to him.

At the end there is a reason this is less fanwanking that Batman punching Darkseid for the fact Doom had technology way beyond human technology and still failed.

So I guess Doom is the overpowered fanwank character then. People always call Batman BatGod but if Doom is so much more powerful than him he's the true God but you're cool with that. Doom surviving a blast from the Beyonder is bigger fanwank than anything Batman has been involved in. But no shock the legion of neckbeards allow their internet darling Doom get away with crap like that. Doom can get away with ANY PIS fanwank moment and no one would say a word. Batman does the same thing and you guys riot. Surely Batman's popularity hasn't got people that butthurt.

@ganon15 said:

@dbvse7 said:

Funny how a person born into a rich family that's worth billions, with a high IQ and 12th level intellect who also has mastered multiple fighting styles is a symbol that ANYONE can become a hero.. right moving along.

and then people claim that he's the most relatable superhero

Actually Spider-Man is called relatable more than Batman is. With his genius intellect and super powers using your logic I guess Peter isn't all that relatable is he? Oh wait you don't have a problem with him so he can still be relatable even though like Batman he has unrelatable aspects to his character.

The butthurt Batman has caused people is hilarious knowing a fictional character can get people this upset is kinda sad though.

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@superguy1591 said:

@thebiggestg: Batman has NEVER, EVER defeated Darkseid. He's out-gambled him before, but even then, that was PIS.

And if Kord sold as much as Bruce, Kord's intellect will be advertised as well.

2nd part isn't always true, Lex Luthor isn't as popular as Batman but is advertised as smarter than him. Amadeus Cho is smarter than Spider-Man and Spider-Man is massively more popular than him. Reed's intellect is more advertised than Tony Stark's even though Stark is much more popular. Being popular doesn't mean the company will automatically make you the be all end all of everything.

Why is it when Batman does something impressive it's always PIS to you? Doom can beat a God (Beyonder) and you'll take it as legit. Batman does the same thing and it's either PIS or Batwanking. You clearly hate Batman so why should I take your opinion seriously on this matter? Seriously lets say there are lots of DC characters that are smarter than Batman for the sake of argument. Even if the writers did make an effort to build him up to the point he was on their level you'd cry Batwanking.

Which leads me to why do you seemingly hate Batman so much? Seriously it isn't normal for someone to go out of their way daily to talk about a character they dislike. Why is it so important for you to prove he's overrated? Lots of characters are overrated but you're not obsessively trying to prove they are like you do with him. You talk about Batman more than you talk about Superman or anyone else for that matter. You have a very odd fixation on him almost like it's personal.