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@maccyd: I know I'm a fan of both too I'm asking because of the negative reaction a lot of Superman fans had to Batman 36 and other stories like TDKR.

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Interesting responses so far, and yeah the poll is still messed up says 50% yes 100% no.

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@scouterv said:

@rustyroy: Don't need the movie rights, and Moon Knight doesn't have the same popularity because he doesn't have the same supporting cast and Rogues Batman does, despite being very similar.

Now, put Moon Knight in the same stories, with the same baddies as Batman, problem solved. Even Batman wouldn't be popular if he was treated like Moon Knight.

lol people always underrating Batman's popularity giving all the credit to villains and supporting characters. How come no one ever looks on the flip side? How popular would Batman's villains and supporting cast be if they were Plastic Man characters? Like RustyRoy said it's a combination as much as people like the Joker him vs Batman is going to be more appealing to people than Joker vs Green Arrow or Wildcat or whoever. Also you do realize characters like Hulk, Iron Man and Wonder Woman are more popular than the Flash despite him having a much more popular rogues gallery than them. In fact Flash's villains are probably the 2nd most popular rogues gallery in DC yet Superman, Wonder Woman and arguably GL are more popular than him. Having popular villains doesn't guarantee a character will be extremely popular. If it did Thor who has the most popular Marvel villain in Loki should be the most popular Marvel character. Maybe Moon Knight isn't as popular as Batman because... people just don't like him as much.

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@jack_donaghy: Did I rustled your jimmies ?

I think you meant to say "Did I rustle your jimmies?" didn't need the d at the end of rustle champ. If you're going to use an old meme at least get it right. And no you didn't I'm just saying it's funny how earlier you said "As expected, Batman fanboys are angry and trying to find an excuse for why Spider-Man made more money." But I'm sure when people make excuses for Batman's success you're nowhere to be found.

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As expected, Batman fanboys are angry and trying to find an excuse for why Spider-Man made more money.

Deal with it, Spider-Man is more popular than Batman, though there is not much difference.

Spider-Man is the best !

You mean like how people try and make excuses for why Batman is the only superhero with 2 movies to make $1 billion? Tired "They only made that much because Heath Ledger died!" arguments that are old by now. Which fall apart when you realize TDKR (even with the shooting) had a higher opening weekend, made more money than TDK worldwide and didn't have to be re-released to get to $1 billion.

And EyeDCyou is right Marvel releases a lot more merchandise overall than DC does. Marvel's parent company Disney makes over $20 billion a year off merchandise. DC's parent company WB only sells $6 billion of merch a year. So it's no shock that if you put out a lot more stuff you'll sell a lot more stuff.

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lol. This is actully a debate. lol. I said it once and i'll say it again. Thers no fanboy without blind support. Thats what it means to be a fanboy. Batman only looks special when hes not being compared to Spiderman.

Cars ($2 billion) made even more money than Spider-Man, does that mean Lightning McQueen more popular than Spider-Man? If you say no that just means you're biased in Spider-Man's favor.

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There might have been a time when they are close but batman is alot more popular these days.

Well Spider-Man did massively outsell him in merch so you can't say Batman is a lot more popular than him. I'd give Spider-Man the edge for now but it's really close. Spider-Man may sell more than Batman but that's mainly because of the merchandise attached to TASM and the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. The Nolan movies are over and Beware the Batman was cancelled so losing the biggest area's that help you sell a ton of toys (movies and cartoons) no doubt impacted Batman's sales. Those 2 (movies and cartoons) have caused Spider-Man to go from selling $325 million of merchandise in 2011 to $1.3 billion this year that's a huge jump in only a 3 year span. In the next 3 years with Lego Batman 3, Batman v Superman, Arkham Knight, Justice League Part 1 and The Lego Batman Movie Batman will no doubt have a huge increase in merchandise sales too.

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@banemax said:

@fallschirmjager said:

you won't find a bigger spider-man fan than I but seriously dude you're like a broken record.


Also that's just counting merchandise sales so basically just among comic fans who likely are the primary merchandise buyers. I know plenty of people my age who are fans of Batman from the movies but don't buy any merchandise of any hero because they aren't comic fans. So this is simply a measurement of revenue and not really popularity. I'm a fan of both Peter and Bruce, but I think Bruce is more popular if you tally the general public and comic fans alike.

Exactly revenue and popularity aren't always the same thing. Like I said Cars makes much more money than Toy Story and sometimes even Mickey Mouse but I don't know anyone irl who likes Cars. For wrestling fans Botch I mean Sin Cara outsold Daniel Bryan, the Undertaker and Randy Orton in merch yet they're still far more popular than him. TWS and DOFP made more money than TASM2 but that doesn't mean people like Cap and the X-Men more than Spider-Man. It means more people happened to like their movies.

And just so people don't think I'm a butthurt Batman fanboy mad that he lost to Spider-Man I'd say the same thing if Batman made more money.

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The numbers don't lie. Spidey completly destroys the compitition in world wide merchandise. It would have been one thing to beat the second place Batman by 50, 100, 200, 300, 400mil. But by 800mil!! Good god! The numbers don't lie.

Merchandise ww:

Spiderman: 1.3bil

Batman: 494mil

Avengers: like 380mil (Avengers had most poitential for growth tho. look out)

Superman: 277mil

So its clear. Spidey is in a league all his own. Ther is no second place to him. He beats all the rest combined. Even with Ledgers death Spidey still has the highest grossing trilogy of all time.

I have always knew he was the biggest but I had know idea it was that lopsided.

so peace out. what do you guys think?

Yeah and the Cars franchise makes $2 billion a year to the Toy Story franchise's $1 billion, that's a $1 billion gap bigger than the one between Spider-Man and Batman. Do you think Cars is more popular than Toy Story? Hell Cars in some years vastly outsells the Mickey Mouse franchise. You know Mickey Mouse the most popular fictional character ever created. Do you really think Spider-Man is more popular than Batman, the Avengers and Superman combined? He probably is the most popular superhero in the world but not by the huge margin this list makes it seem like. And merchandise sellers change big time on a yearly basis. I read a Forbes list of highest grossing entertainment franchises of 2011 and it said Spider-Man made $325 million to Batman's $245 million in 2011. Plus that year Garfield (yes the cat who hates Mondays) made more money than Spider-Man and no one in their right mind would say he was ever as popular as Spider-Man. So don't take merchandise sales as the end all be all of popularity.

Oh and the Avengers made $325 million not $380 million.