Flag Bearers

A incomplete list of heroes that wear their countries flag.

Someone else has probably already done this........

List items

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I salute you, and your list!

Posted by jack16ichigo

Lol thanks Ref ^_^

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nah just came to say that you really do love your country jack!

Respects respects

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Thanks Ref and Underdog :)

Posted by Thatlyn Yoaeg'ill'rymmin

Great List! I love Icon - National - Flag bearer Heroes :)

...but... such a shame for me... =_=

Posted by jack16ichigo

@thatlyn_yoaeg_ill_rymmin: Thanks ^_^ yeah I like heroes with flags for costumes ( I like flags in general) but why is it a shame for you ?

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@jack16ichigo said:

@thatlyn_yoaeg_ill_rymmin: Thanks ^_^ yeah I like heroes with flags for costumes ( I like flags in general) but why is it a shame for you ?

Well... 'couse I'm Italian =_=

I love Symbolic/Patriot/Flag Bearing Heroes... but the only two "Captain Italy" on the list are... a brutish brainless self-mockering '90th Italian creation ["Capitan Italia", on the list], an horrible character from un unknown and more than C-Class Publisher [...even the italian can't create an adeguate Captain Italia]... and what else?

Oh, yes... "Captain Italy" on the list... and he is... a unknown "wrong-flag" bearer (serius: ORANGE is not RED], half native american, half chinese [no offense to both, however, but he is more like Native-Chinese than Italian!!!] into an "homosexual pose" [again, no offense, but even the Comic Vine entry state for him: "Gender - OTHER" =_=]... Americans: it's so difficult immagine an average italian person? Well... so many Italian Artist in Marvel... take one of them as exemple!!!

And I don't talk about "average Italian hero/criminal" in comics... =_=

However, nothing of this is your fault :)

Posted by jack16ichigo

@thatlyn_yoaeg_ill_rymmin: Yeah many countries don't get many if any at all and there usually just quick stereotypes,I'm lucky that the UK's got so many but even then it annoyed me that the big ones where Posh(except the current Union Jack) and magic related,me being a commoner and seeing us as a science country(we've contributed to it more than most) so I think your always going to be a bit annoyed with your countries patriotic hero no matter how little or attention they've gotten.