Final Team: X-men Generations

Bronze Team (x-men Generations): The team that stays at the x-mansion as staff, teacher, mentors, etc. but with a twist! They are also the guards of the school, keeping mutants in the x-mansion safe, so massacres don't ever happen at the mansion, like the mansion exploding, so enemies don't come and attack the students, and other massacres don't happen like the bus explosion.

Professor X (Leader)-  The head of x-men teams, making sure everyone is in tact and give missions to other x-teams and the students at home.

Head of the mansion!

Havok (Co-Leader)- He is like Professor x's body guard and side kick. He also is a Danger Room coach and track coach.

Ready to fight!

Skids- She is a teacher, in charge of the Health (classes) department, and the drama and art club.
Don't skid with her :P

Rictor- Teacher, in charge of the history department, and debate club. @
He's ready to fight and teach!

Moonstar- Teacher, in charge of the English department, and Yearbook club. @
Teacher w/ attitude!

Karma- Teaches younger children, also in charge of the library. also head the writing/reading club.
Loves to care for her team!

Jubilee- She is a mentor for the students, and also is a staff member at the x-mansion and in charge of student council. @ #
Even though she's powerless, she loves working w/ x-men!

Polaris- Teacher, in charge of the science department and science club. @
She's ready!

Forge- Tech of the school, also teacher and is in charge of mechanic/engineering department, robotic club; makes tech for the other x-teams.
Tech guy! :D

Omega Sentinel- Teacher, in charge of the math department, and culture and swim club.
A sexy teacher!

Wolfsbane- Watchdog of the school, protecing the school. Also a Danger Room coach.

Dont get in her way!

Penance- Watchdog of the school. Works with Wolfsbane. #
SHARPie :)

-Sage: Assist x-men while at x-mansion. also a teacher and head of computer department.
Go Tessa :P

-Stepford Cuckoos: Operator and tracker of the x-mansion; also assist x-men while at the mansion, using their telepathic powers to help detect things they want. #

-Tom Corsi: Teacher, in charge of the gym department and basketball, baseball, football, and soccer coach. *
Hotty Gym Teacher

-Stevie Hunter: Teacher and in charge of the fine arts/ electives department and dance/gymnastic coach and helps with student council w/ Jubilee. *
Very strict yet nice :D

@- Since they are really not mutants anymore, professor x requires them to take Endurance class and extra danger room classes to sharpen their fighting.

#-Since they are technically still students, yet helping Professor X, he personally and only tutors them

*Only part of X-staff not the actual x-team.


X-men Legacy: The Saviors

Here's my third team: The Saviors (Team Silver)- Their main mission is to save innocent mutants before it's too late. Mutants who have just experienced their powers, etc. also they are to stop any hate groups, such as Purifiers, and to make sure no mutants are kidnapped to join evil clans like evil brotherhood of mutants, or Maurders get them, etc.......

Angel (Leader)- Has he ever been leader? well for this team it suits him well! He is deff a savior :D

Really an Angel- saving ppl

Rachel Summers (Co-leader)- Her being telepathic can help detect mutants! Very handy during a crisis

Don't piss her off!

Husk- She loves helping people, especially mutants in need. After her younger brother's death, she won't let any innocent mutant die!
Watch out! Husk attack!

Dust- She knows in her heart saving mutants are what she's meant to do, as she was saved too.
Peaceful yet can hurt ya

Rockslide- He is a tough cookie ready to fight!
Very manly :P

Mercury- She is very sneaky! and can surprise da bad guys!
Mercury attack!

X-23- She ain't letting anything in her way ;) she's fast, tough, and ready to attack!
She's deff hard candy!

Dazzler- She's ready to "dazzle" her opponents! and wants to do good for mankind :D
She's ready for change!

Boom Boom- The comic relief for the team! She's lovable and loves to take care of her team!
Can be funny yet real

Multiple Man- He can definitely help the team when kids need to be saved fast with scarce time, with his multiple people :P
Multiple man- multiple personalities

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eXtreme x-men!

Onyx Team (eXtreme X-men)- This team basically are spies that travel around the world.... Doing Top secret x-missions!

M (leader) She has the brains, beauty, power....... and she can lead pretty good!

Strong, yet sexy ;)

Beast (Co-Leader)- He has the intelligence and knows what he's doing!

Keeping it real ;)

Bishop- He doesn't let anyone in his way!

Ready for anything bitch!

Psylocke- Bad-ass ninja who can do any mission! and she's making sure that she won't die again (like last time :P )

Ninja with style!

Gambit- His cunningness and slickness will let him do well in any x-mission
Best Cajun ever!

Rogue- She won't let anyone touch her teammates, or else she's going to have to touch 'em back ;)
I dare u to touch me ;)

Colossus- The strong guy of the team!
Muscle machine!

Shadowcat- She can go through lasers, and stuff like that! she'll help the team during missions!

what a "ghostly" Gal!

Nightcrawler- He can teleport during the worst times :P

He's watching.... U!

Siryn- Her Sonic Scream could really help when the worst happens :P
She's always screaming ;)

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MY X-MEN TEAMS! 1st team- Uncanny X-men

MY own x-men dream teams :D! just felt like making them just 'cause!!!!!!!!!

Gold Team (Uncanny X-men): does the usual x missions, fight sentinels, stop Magn eto and his evil doings, etc!

Wolverine (leader): He is willing to lead the team!

He's ready to fight!

Cyclops (co-leader): He needs to take a little break, but still be on top of the team!
Laser blast!

Emma Frost: She'd do well in this team! and deffinitely wants to be at cyclops side!
Sexy yet powerful

Storm: She has the power of a goddess and has good attributes for the team!
Dont mess w/ her!

Magma: New member of the x-men- her power is essential for the future x-missions!
she's full of magma!

Firestar: another new member, but is also another handy fighter!
yay a fresh x-men :D

Iceman: He is another character that can really help x-men, especially when they are in "thin ice" ;)
Keeps the team "cool"!

Warpath: He is the "strong" person on the team! he needs to cut his hair though lol
Don't get in his way lol!

Cannonball: He is a handy person! Just has to be on the team!
Love to cannon ball :P

I HAVE 3 MORE TEAMS TO MAKE! so if u dont see ur FAVORITE x-men that's prolly bc they are on my other dream teams :D i  still have eXtreme x-men ,x-men: legacy, X-men: Saviors......... just wait :p

Give it 2 ME ;)

Madonna :P


and of course the X-MEN!

SHISH  Psylocke likes it in the nude ;) jk

Storm always full of power!

Jubilee full of spunkiness 24/7

yay x-men!

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