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Also heard that he may be tapped for the next James Bond after Daniel Craig's last film is done.

^^that i am more stoked on!

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i thought this title was getting cancelled in July or something. so whats the point of having a discussion about the status quo of the characters in this title...what could possibly happen in story with only four issues left.

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@dondave said:

Does anyone really care?

no nobody cares

if Charles Soule is involved with the writing, then yeah, i and many others do care.

his run thus far, aside from the forced Axis tie-in issues, has been not bad at all, exemplary story writing.

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The Valiant, Batman Eternal, and 90% of whatever Image Comics is publishing this week.

many thanks to Stephenson, McFarland, Kirkman and company.

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@saren said:

@arturocalakayvee said:

I bet she thinks she's too big and famous for super hero movies now.

New flash: Superhero movies are IN.

It's not necessarily that, a lot of actors aren't really keen on superhero movies because the new franchise format means they're signing away huge portions of their career to movies whose screenplays haven't even been thought of yet. Jon Hamm said studios have approached him for superhero parts several times, but he's never agreed because the contracts are draconian and you have to think about how much time they'll consume, and whether you'll have to give up other opportunities down the line because you've committed to these films. Studios don't do one movie contracts anymore. If you sign on as a superhero, you have to sign a multi-movie deal. Chris Evans didn't want to be Captain America because of that, they had to pump up his salary and send Robert Downey Jr. to cajole him, and even then he made it clear 6 movies was his limit because he wanted to retire from acting permanently and take up directing.

yo this comment was more informational than the actual article.


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real talk though: was the first issue not one of the best issues of 2014. for me it was, for sure.

glad to see the series is still alive after almost four months of delays.

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Really really really hope this title stays put after Secret Wars and that Edmondson and Noto stay on the title as well, cause honestly this book might have started out overrated but now its just plain masterful work, issue after issue

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  • Inhuman
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • Nightcrawler
  • New Avengers
  • Deadpool
  • Darth Vader

if you think i pull too many Marvel titles...you should see my Image list haha

also anyone else on the fence about checking Hopeless's Thunder Mountain, im only on the edge because his Avengers Arena story was quite the read

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@batman404: you make good points, as far as Mark Millar's track record goes in his stories becoming released movies he's only failed once, and thats with Nemesis. And i think thats only due to the fact that the titke was optioned for film even before Wanted.

But now everyone is familiar with his work after the relative success of movies like Wanted, Kickass, Kickass 2, and Kingsmen, Millar will most likely see Starlight and Chrononauts turned into films easily.

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