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Hi my name is Sherwin, friends call me "Shay".

I am 21 years old and i reside in Fullerton, California.

i will openly admit i am fairly new to this Comic book craze...but as they say "better late then never"

please feel free to give me suggestions of things/series to read, they would be much appreciated!


Year Got into Comics:

early 2012. Freshman year of college

First Series read:

Jonathan Hickman's

Nightly News

(hence my overly biased favoring of his writings)

First Comic Book Read:

The Flash #1 & The Flash #2 (literally kinda read em at the same time)

Favorite Titles:

Ed Brubaker's


Jonathan Hickman's

The Manhattan Projects

, Scott Snyder's


Pull List:

(to be added later)