The Force is Strong with this One....

Have you ever heard the phrase, "If you play with fire, you're going to get burned"? Apparently Darth Vader didn't. I'm not doubting the power of the all powerful Darth, but come on now....even I know not to fight your enemy when he has the high ground over a pool of magma. That's just crazy!

I have always been a big fan of Star Wars (...and pretty much everything else that would get you ostrasized from any normal group of friends in high school) since I first saw the movies on my grandmothers 17" basement TV when I was about 8 years old. They are always a must see when we talk about epic movies. It's a spacey version of the all too normal knight in shingin armor story. Theres fighting, amazing music, a plot you could die for, and of course there is implied attempts at incest. o.O

I didn't realize it when I was a kid, but now I think it is kind of obvious that Lucas was making things up as he went. He can say that the scripts were written eons ago, but I don't buy it. If they were written like that so long ago then why did he play off the whole Luke loves Leia thing so completely in the first movie? Nobody can answer that one for me. The people that don't pay that much attention think I'm crazy and the people that do (star wars geeks) think it blasphemy to speak of George Lucas like he is anything less than an all knowing god of the Sci-Fi world.

Let me say it now. "If George Lucas is god then I will go to hell with Gene Rodenberry and burn for eternity." Gene never made any crazy accusation about how he came up with Star Trek over a weekend in the Caymens or something. He was a writer, a rather lo brau writer actually, that did what he did best until it was picked up. Star Trek, like Star Wars, was assumed that it would never make it off of the cutting room floor. When it made it that far they were ecstatic I'm sure, but when it became a bet is that it frightened them a little.

Lucas went all crazy and secluded himself out on his ranch and Roddenberry....come to think of it I don't know what became of him. Since I don't know I will make something up and work in the truth at a later date.

Roddenberry, after defeating the Nazi Party armed with only his trusty phaser and a torn shirt, forged a bloody battle with the pascifists of the Ghandi nebula until they were no more. Afterwards, taking Jodie Foster as his wife, they ruled over all of the frozen south of Antarctica as Gods. Some say that you can still hear their footsteps tromping through the snow.

There we go......that wasn't so hard.

As a final nail in this coffin I present to you the idea that the greatest force in the universe, the Force that Lucas spoke of, is in fact

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The Zombie Apocalypse

I have decided to start writing about an idea I've had more times than I can count. I am writing now about the aftermath of a Zombie Apocalypse.

I made my first post today and will continue to update it every sunday.

Comments are appreciated as I love to hear what other people think of my writing.

All names used in the writings are real. All places are real. All people are real. Only thing not real about it is the zombies.

Let me hear it.


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I'm tired....

....of waiting for shit to sort itself out in my life.

I'm taking time off from here. I need to get my world straight before I can truly focus on this again.

I'll be around every once in a while, but I'm not doing any posting for a while.

This isn't good bye though. Not by a long shot.

Think of it more like the Cyber Assassin is going into sleep mode.

Keep an eye on this place for me and I'll be back once I've recharged fixed my little corner of the world up to where I can fit more time in for here.

Until then though, take care friends.




The Vengeful, The Furious......The Outcasts

I have had the pleasure of joining an amazing group of people in a story that is developing fabulously. Andferne, Hawk, Gloom, and Cardinal you all are amazing writers and move your characters like a painter moves a brush. I am always impressed by what I see. Soon Izabella will join us making 6 members of our little family. We are bound by common hatred and want to help each other, but sometimes that is enough. I say it is about now that we find a name for ourselves, if only for others to refer to us as we bring them down. I have been looking at what we have and I'd like you to correct me if I'm wrong.

Andferne - A rage filled mutant from an alternate future with nobody to call friend.Hawk - An outcast from the Zero Squad that had nothing left but the fire in his heart making him want to fight.Gloom - A witch and psionicist of the highest caliber who lost her family to dark magic.Cardinal - A man that has lived for half a millennium fighting and losing the people he loved.Jinx - A loner with no family or friends defining his life with his vengeance against SHIELD.Izabella - An assassin with a shadowy goal of killing the people that killed her adopted fathers killers.

Here we stand. We are not proud or prudent, but we are an unmatchable fighting force when we are together. We have some of the strongest people in our ranks and by backing each other we become stronger than any one enemy.


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