writters and artists I would want to work with before I die revisited ?

writers and artist I wish that one day I would get the chance to work with on almost any one comic title or web comic title or even a graphic novel just once before i DIE !

but you may say only in my dreams you silly web cartoonist dream teams on a projects are only for seasoned vets and up and coming newbies who are already doing comics for the big two .

well this is my list of people who I would die to work with on any comic project they may have in mind . ( this counts for ongoing titles -uncanny x-men , batman , detective comics , action comics ,amazing spider-man etc. ) or one -shots or graphic novels ( Dark Knight Returns , Wanted , Kick-Ass , Hell boy etc) or mini -series or web comics ( freak angels or my current new title the Valkyrie quartet ) or something of their own creations ! my delusion of grandeur if you will . now don't let me spoil that for you now please look and see for your self the awesomeness of the writers and artist who I would kill to work with ....and the players are ....

List items

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Posted by Silkcuts

Great list, there are a lot of people you have that need to be on more lists like Marv and Alan Davis for example.
I am happy to see Alan Moore is your Number 2, he is my fave all time since he is like the God father of Vertigo. As great as Grant is, Grant would not be where he is if it wasn't the seeds of creativity planted in his mind from Alan Moore. Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis the same.

Posted by Digraven

Just the best!!!