charterers from comics (IE graphic novels ) I love being voiced by the best actors of all time -for anime based on a c

over the years comic book adaptations such as American mainstream family friendly cartoons very rarely have a solid and notable cast of voice actors that truly embody the character that their playing ( for example wolverine in the first x-men cartoon pilot of the late 80s was incorrectly mess match with a Austrian voice actor that in my opinion really ruined the concept of the comic book counter part entirely ) but in 1992 they got it right with an actor who sounded generally like what wolverine would sound in the comics (mainly Canadian to add for one ) anyways my point is in most American production they profusely have either sub par or second rate voice actors who ruin a character by simply just speaking ... my crazy theory is if you cast each production with a notable and well known television or screen actor with a distinct persona and who has a powerful screen presence who could add a level of credibility to which ever role they play in any of the said anime series (based off of comics of course ) this list is dedicated to such actors in whom I believe could pull off very well known and not so well known characters of comics (so this is my list hope you enjoy ) who and did I forget to mention that the said actors must work the full 26 episodes the anime that they would be on so here you go .

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Good list!