Yet Another Valiant Comics Character illustrated by me [ Enjoy ]

here is an Special One I did because I really dig her Look [ Jillian Alcott aka Death Angel ] but I called her Lady Bloodshot for this picture because I thought it sounded a little deadlier than Death Angel , also I think that she is an Equal to her Male Counterpart [ Bloodshot ] and I have read the the first issue of the New Series and it was really ,really Interesting [ still think that they should do an animated series of the Valiant Characters but that`s me ^_^ and my recent series of pin ups I have been doing have been inspired by Bruce Timm [ slightly more or less but his Clean Line work is something an artist like me can be inclined to at least learn from and use ..well in my unique case I have been studying everything under the sun on drawing for animation to adapt to my growing set of art skills but enough about that clicked on this Blog to see the Pretty Picture ] well enjoy ladies and gents .

Lady Bloodshot by [me] Tsujigo +Ink

[ I love drawing Non Marvel and DC Characters invigorating ^_^

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