The Sensational Leah Down

this Pin -Up of Leah Down was Inspired simply by her wild and eccentric Style of Cosplay , also her enthusiasm for comics . so in creating this piece I integrated a little bit of the Whimsical and carefree nature of the Silver-Age characters such as Catwoman [namely the one from the Adam West Batman series ]and Mixed that in with touch of Seventies Era Marvel in terms of Attitude .over all I fun putting this little piece together . while listing to Eighties music [ namely Pet Shop Boys : West end Girls and siousxie and the Banshee : Cites in Dust , Happy House .

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Posted by cbishop

LOL! I love her name!

Posted by J1ml33

@cbishop: she is a real Cosplayer :D . to me her name is pretty interesting play on words . also her theme is that of an Super Villain bad girl with Shape Shifting Powers . LOL she kinda gives off this Silly Julie Newmar type vibe . she is a Looker . :D also I like her Carefree , Free Wheeling Attitude too . she was at phoenix con last year if I am right . :D

Posted by cbishop

@j1ml33: I hadn't heard of her until now. I love any good wordplay name (and even bad ones) so this caught my attention. :)

Edited by Decept-O

@j1ml33: Has anyone ever done a drawing or pinup of an actual Cosplayer here that you know? This is wonderful and a nice tribute to her.

I like your "pop" style of art, you are doing a great and bang-up job! Nice colors and style you have going. Love it.

Posted by J1ml33

@decept_o: Thanks :D I have been reading alot of Eighties DC Comics I have in my Long Box and cycling thru my Ipod all Week , :D also been watching Re-runs of Batman :Brave and the Bold . [ the Basis for my Current Art Style ] also I have been studying a book on sixties Pop Art two for about two Months . ^_^ eighties Pop Music is a Guilty Pleasure of mine . :D along with Comics from that era .

Posted by Decept-O

@j1ml33: Have to say it must have "soaked in" because I dig the style you have going on here. Excellent job. You should be proud of yourself my friend.

Posted by J1ml33

@decept_o: ^_^ Very Happy man , also I just finished listing to a podcast interview with Whilce Portacio on Side Bar : while working on a few Mini Comics that I am going to be putting out soon . speaking of which here is one I have on sale right now . go check it out : [ very proud of how this one turned out too both in Art and Story ] it`s just a fun little romp in the world my characters live in , it`s what they do in their Off Time ^_^