The Brave and the Bold Featuring Batwoman and The Question

Batwoman and Question pin -up [ fan art ]

Hello Everybody …I hope your Comfortable..because Tonight`s little diddy is an Riff on One of my favorite Animated series based on the Dark Knight that was Called Batman : Brave and the Bold [ enjoyed every minute of it ^_^ also was really take away with it`s Art style ] and Batman :the Animated series …anyways my pin-up is a Team up of the Former Lovers Kate Kane[ Batwoman ] and Rene Montoya [The Question] leaping into some unknown danger .

[ both ladies Poses are Homages to Frank Miller`s Epic The Dark Knight Returns ]

so without further fanfare I present to you my Pin-Up

Cheers ladies and Gents .

[also Mr Rucka`s Take on the Ladies is one of my favorite reads on a rainy day ^_^ one of the best of our time ..well in modern fiction and Comics in my humble opinion ] XD

also go check out me and Silkcuts Awsome Fan Fic Collaboration on his Blog here :

and by the way ladies and Gentlemen Happy Halloween :D

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Did you draw that? That is amazing!

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@J1ml33: Incredible job! Love the colors, great action poses.

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Wow that is awesome. Well done.