Mera : Queen of the Seven Seas

After Listing to a few of my favorite Comics Podcast who are commenting on the Latest DC Event Infamously Known as Forever Evil . and from what I can take from their Colorfully Painful , yet honest review of the first Issue + Aquaman tie in staring Black Manta . got me thinking . where is Mera Aquaman`s Loving Wife at during the Maddness of it all. so on a Whim I came up with an What If / Else-world`s Themed Idea that she would take over as Ruler of Atlantis and Wear Arthur’s Classic Costume and Take the Swift Vengeance Against the Crime Syndicate for the Senseless Murder of Husband . in my story she would kill Ocean Master and take his Trident , Team Up with Black Manta [temporally anyways until they can personally take out Ultraman ] only to put Black Manta out of his Misery at the end of the Crossover . her Costume here is a Combination of her own Swimsuit and Aquaman`s Classic Iconic Costume . this is my ideal version of Mera who is just as confident as her Husband and her Former Red Lantern Self from Blackest Night . :D

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@j1ml33: This is lovely work. Nice job.

Posted by J1ml33

@decept_o: thanks again . I honestly feel like Mera should have her own ongoing series , that would happen I would do the art if Keith Giffen ,Grant Morrison , Peter David , Louise Simonson or Whilce Portacio would co-write it ^_^ me [ I am Day Dreaming here :P] and for my Work to be Inked by Gerry Alanguilan and Colored by Jordie Bellaire . and edited by someone better than Bob Harris ..someone like Karren Burger [ who I wish never left DC /Vertigo ] and covers by me , Larry Stroman , Jon Bogdanove and Scott McDaniel [ they would rotate like Brandon Graham`s team f Artist on Prophet . get this to top it off I project that it would get at least twelve Issues :D before they would give it the Ax from the great and terrible Dan Didio -_- . [ but it`s a dream just like my Debra Whitman / Spider-Man Spin Off :D ]