An Work in Progress [ an Kelley Jones Homage ] Knightfall /TDKR

After watching the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises got me really excited for when the movie comes out [ for more than One reason personally .. Ann Heathway really fills out her Catsuit ..indeed ^_^ and Bane looks and Sounds Absolutely menacing than ever was in that Horrible Abomination  that is Batman and Robin [ the movie ..not the comic ] but from what I could gleam from the recent trailer interest has greatly increased , and Also I just finished the Kelley Jones illustrated Batman : Vampire elseworlds  tale got me thinking why not do an Homage to one of my Favorite Gothic / Horror artist and mix it in with the Follow up to the modern Master Piece that  is The Dark Knight .
so without further delay I will present my Layouts to my Up coming Pin-Up  [ right before I do Inks ..Been Practicing lately putting my newly growing skills to good use ]  


Posted by htb106

Did you do this?

I'm quite impressed.