An Ode to Valiant Comics Shadowman [ or in case the newly revamped Dr Mirage ]

Dr Mirage : Possessed by Sandria Darque

the concept for this Piece was inspired by Listing to the DeathGrips Song TAKYON and The Crystal Castles Hunting for Witches . the Idea is That the Newly Revamped Dr Mirage would try her hand at doing battle against Master Darque`s Sister . but the twist is instead of defeating her foe she is instead Possessed by Sandria in some crazy Purgatory like Prison within her own mind . and Sandria`s Personality taking over her Body [ it`s kinda my take on the whole Superior Spider-Man thing but with Bigger Consequences to Mirage`s Body in the Long run ] Anyway I that`s my thoughts on how this Spooky Pin Up came from ^_^ .

Edited by turoksonofstone