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Viagra no prescription is foremost used for treating other comparable problems, impotence and erectile dysfunctions in males. girls are, for positive, enabled taking Viagra but its result will be zero in the most instances. However, Viagra is quite near by its content to another brand drug containing sildenafil - Revatio - which in its turn is utilized for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension and increasing exercise capacity both in men and female patients. Viagra is employed simply as a stimulator, it does not provide guarantees you'll have not any erection problems in future. Consult your physician before starting getting it. Take Viagra pills as your prescribed to you considering other medications you are getting or your health issues. You can not take Viagra more frequently than once per every 24 hours term. Viagra is frequently obtained if there is a requirement in this, half an hour before a sexual activity. Keep in mind you are permitted to consider Viagra only once each day and may take it around four hours before beginning any sexual activity. There's no any dosing scheduling for using Viagra. Overdosing is not crucial but not appealing particularly if you have any heart issues. The most common side-effect after taking Viagra is priapism - a prolonged and quite painful erection which can even harm your phallus. If you notice this immediately call an ambulance. The same concerns if you have a surprising vision loss after taking Viagra. You can not consider Viagra if you have: a heart disorder, high bloodstream pressure, diabetes, liver or kidney diseases; high cholesterol level, or some eyesight issues, and if you smoke being in the age older than 50 years. Consult your physician to specify if it is possible to take Viagra in these cases. FDA pregnancy gave to this drug group B. If you're pregnant consult your doctor before taking Viagra. Contact an ambulance in an incident of sensitive reaction to Viagra: hives; difficulty in breathing; swelling of your face in complete or partly. Serious negative outcomes of Viagra include: - unpredicted and intense vision loss; - too unexpected hearing loss; - chest pains; - sickness; - abnormal heart beating; - swelling of the body - palms, legs, face; - fainting; - fever; - penis erection lasting over 4 hours. This checklist isn't complete. Therefore be cautious and call an emergency at when undesirable changes will be noticed by you after using Viagra. Viagra and Revatio in vengeance of similar articles can not be taken simultaneously. If you are already using any nitrate medicine for heart disorders (like nitroglycerin, amyl nitrates and nitrites (poppers), Dilatrate - SR, isosorbide mononitrate and similar). never take Viagra. Do not take Viagra if you're using the following medications: drugs also used for treating impotence like alprostadil or Yodoxin; Cialis or Levitra; bosentan; cimetidine; conivaptan; diclofena; Gleevec; an antidepressant drug nefazodone; antibiotics like such as Biaxin, Synercid, erythromycin or telithromycin; HIV/AIDS medicines; blood pressure drugs like Cardizem; antifungal medications. This list isn't complete. Consult your doctor before taking Viagra. It is not allowed to consider Viagra if you have alcoholic issues and moreover you can not take this medication with alcohol. Interest your physician to get detailed information about using this medicine in your age and considering records in outside medical card. More information: Viagra Information from Online Pharmacy No Prescription Viagra Information from

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