The Wanderer

The Wanderer

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Code Name:  The Wanderer.
Real Name:  Magnus Oxenstierna.
Aliases:  Oxenstar.
Nicknames:  [None.]
Relatives:  [Unknown.]
Affiliations:  [Unknown.]
Base of Operations:  Mobile; primarily Los Angeles and Atlantis.
Universe:  Earth 2.


Alignment:  Chaotic Good.
Identity:  Secret/Urban Legend.
Citizenship:  Swedish.
Marital Status:  Single.
Occupation:  Vigilante, artifact collector (i.e. unauthorized archaeologist).
Religion:  Raised Roman Catholic.


Nature:  Illuminated Human/Atlantean.
Place of Birth:  Umeå, Sweden.
Age:  21.
Height:  5' 11" (180 cm).
Weight:  155 lbs (70.3 kg).
Hair:  Blond (dyes it black).
Eyes:  Blue.
Unusual Features:  Tattoos that glow when powers are active.



Abilities & Weaknesses

Aetheric Powers

Powers Magnus gained by using the Amulet of the Light on himself.
  • Photokinesis:  Ability to absorb light, channel it and amplify it for a variety of effects, including concussive or heating energy blasts, solid energy constructs (such as force fields), and, on a particularly good day, generate illusions (for instance, rendering himself or other objects invisible, with the potential side effect of being rendered blind for the duration of the invisibility).
    The light absorption is difficult to control however, and he may easily overload (burning him and/or rendering him powerless for an hour or two) if attempted in direct sunlight; indoors lighting or the lighting beneath a sky during a full moon and/or aurora borealis is preferable.
  • Hydrokinesis:  Ability to manipulate the movement of water with a thought, as well as heating and freezing it (and revert it back to its original temperature).  Also, through conscious effort, he can increase the ambient amount of water within a certain radius to around 300% of the original levels (effectively teleported from a randomly selected location, the environment will revert back to its default water levels as soon as Magnus releases the mental state required to sustain the effect).
    As an extension of this power, contact with water can accomplish a variety of effects, including teleportation (the portals must be completely submerging, and a body of water in the target location large enough to be submerged in) and regeneration of injuries, both his own and those of others (provided broken bones and alike are aligned correctly).
    He is also able to breath/survive underwater for extended periods of time.
  • Flight:  Ability to manifest a telekinetic field around himself, used mainly for flight, and protection against the inconveniences implied by unprotected flight.


  • Self Imposed Limits:  Magnus is incapable of manifesting any meaningful effect with his powers when under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or severe sleep deprivation.  He must also be confident in what he's doing; losing concentration or being convinced that a task is impossible for him to complete, will often lead to failure in completing said task.
  • Tachyon Interference:  Aetheric powers, and the Helm of Ptah, can temporarily be rendered useless through the broadcasting of certain wavelengths of tachyon particles (lasting for at least the duration of the broadcast).
  • Sonic Frequencies:  Some sonic frequencies have roughly the same effect as the tachyonic interference mentioned above.


  • Amulet of the Light:  An ancient amulet capable of 'Illuminating' a person, granting their soul a connection to the Aether (a universe-spanning field that draws its power from all living things) and thus a number of supernatural abilities.
  • Helm of Ptah:  A helmet with mystical properties, which aside from being bullet/knife-proof, interprets its wearers spoken orders (in a specific language of the user's selection, which in Magnus's case is Swedish) and channels the wearer's inherent energy (or for Illuminateds, Aetheric energy) to manifest that effect; essentially, simulating a magic spell.
    The 'spells' will usually last until the caster releases their focus, is knocked out, or killed, or the helmet is removed; unless otherwise specified during the casting.
    If used irresponsibly, such as trying to manifest an effect the wearer would have been too weak to manifest otherwise, the wearer will die.
    While wearing the helmet, it is highly ill-advised to use its selected language for any purpose other than spellcasting, since it might accidentally interpret general statements, questions, etc as commands, and manifest effects accordingly (i.e. telling a person to 'go jump in a lake or something' might actually teleport that person into a lake).


Useful Notes:  
  • The Amulet of the Light has the exact same effect on humans as the Crystal of Light (harnessed by Xantroans in their 'Rites of Illumination') has on people in Vine Prime, except that the Amulet only stings a little when used on humans, as opposed to killing them (Xantroans survive without ill effects due to their regenerative abilities).
  • The images used were originally found here, here, and here.
Theme Song:  [Unknown.]
Quotes:  [Unknown.]
Random Facts:  
  • When phrasing an order through the Helm of Ptah (read: casting a spell), Magnus's voice reverberates.  This is an involuntary effect, but Magnus doesn't mind at all (usually).
  • The colors on Magnus's costume coincides with those of the Swedish flag, though this is a complete coincidence (as far as he knows, anyway).  He suspects that it's possible to alter the suit's colors, but has not yet worked out exactly how one does that.
  • Magnus does not seem to have very much in common with his Vine Prime counterpart, Izaiah.
Posted by Shanana

This is sooooo badass Wandie. I have una pregunta? Why do you create characters, you never intend on using in an rpg?

Posted by Izaiah
@Ziccarra_Liafador said:
This is sooooo badass Wandie. I have una pregunta? Why do you create characters, you never intend on using in an rpg?
'Cause it's fun : )
Seriously though, it's not that I don't plan on using them, it's that very few of my plans to use a character seem to actually work out within a reasonable time frame.
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Well you should create a water race, (I have one but they don't have to much history) So i can rebirth Z

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I reckon whatever water race I make wouldn't have much history either, so why not use yours? :p